The King’s Daughter: The Passing of Pawns

(Most recent addition, 1/21, Chapter 6)

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The King’s Daughter series consists of 4 books, of which I’m planning to publish 3 in summer 2018. (The titles have changed, and the covers might change between now and then, but it’s all a work in progress.)


This is a series I’m working on in my spare time. (I have four short stories set in this same world, although they do not occur during this time period: The Nature of Demons, Whatever Else, The Arranged Marriage, and The Stains of the Past.)

What the story’s about: 

The king of Jenear is a seer, so wrapped up in his own prophecies that he often cannot tell past from present or future from past. Many of the court official close to him believe he’s gone mad. So when the king declares that his long-ignored daughter will enter the country’s military, the marshals of the Guard must come up with a way to make that happen.

Ellis Dantreon is barely fifteen when she learns what her father has planned for her. She’d lived most of her life at a nearly-abandoned family estate called Amiestrin that once served as the country’s War College. It’s been a quiet haven for her, but the marshals have decided to take advantage of the king’s decree. Instead of training her alone to enter the Guard, they’ve brought a cadre of young men to train as well. They’ve decided to reopen the War College.

Thrust in among the others, Ellis must learn to fight for her place. She must earn the other cadets’ respect and trust. The other cadets have different goals, and not all of them are pleased with having a girl thrust among them. Ellis has to choose which ones to trust, sometimes pushing back against her instructors’ urging as she does so.

But most of all, she must deal with a world far wider than the one she’s known. That world will shape her future, for the Gifted whom her meager staff have always considered myths prove to be very real indeed. Those people want very much to influence the course of a future Jenear. When it comes time for her young brother to take the throne, the seers among them believe that Ellis will decide whether her younger brother lives or dies, or if he’ll be replaced by another claimant to the throne altogether.

And hiding among the cadets and staff, some of those Gifted have arrived at Amiestrin…


Cast of Characters

Map and Various Notes

3 thoughts on “The King’s Daughter: The Passing of Pawns

    1. Hi KR,

      Eventually. I am currently working on a different novel, but after that’s finished, I’ll probably compile the first part of TKD and publish it. (It needs a bit of editing, I’m afraid!) So…perhaps early this summer?

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