Knight and Nightrider

I have started my winter hiatus. I’ll need to edit this book quite a bit before even considering putting out an ebook. (There were a lot of scenes left out of Book Four that I have in a separate file and must work in. At the same time, I truly need to streamline what was left in, since the book is well over 100K.)  At some point, I will pull this down to begin work on Book 5 (likely after the new year.)

This novel will cover a longer space, most of the duration of the war, and will be told more from the view of the female characters as they rise to power.

I am still quibbling about the name of this book, but I am now leaning toward: Princess, Empress, and Amazon.  All three of those are, once again, fairy chess pieces, compound pieces that are able to function in more than one way. The Amazon can behave as either a knight or a queen, making it one of the most powerful of all fairy chess pieces.

*Important note: This serial is in first draft form, so it will change–possibly quite a bit–before actual publication.

scepter-sepiablue (2)


Cast of Characters

Map and Various Notes

Knight and Nightrider Pinterest, for those who are truly bored.  (Kind of bare right now, but I’ll work on it periodically.)




This is a saga I’m working on in my spare time, currently there are 5 books planned in this series, and a second series (Grandfather’s Children) will follow, set about 40 years after this series.


Books One through Three are now available at most online book sellers.

Read an excerpt of Book One: The Amiestrin Gambit 

Order now: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Others

Signed Copies

(I also have four short stories set in this same world, although they do not occur during this time period: The Nature of Demons, Whatever Else, The Arranged Marriage, and The Stains of the Past.)

They are now collected in a single volume: On Common Ground



3 thoughts on “Knight and Nightrider

  1. Will you be compiling this into a book and putting on Amazon? I would be so into buying a copy. Thanks for sharing the story!

  2. Hi KR,

    Eventually. I am currently working on a different novel, but after that’s finished, I’ll probably compile the first part of TKD and publish it. (It needs a bit of editing, I’m afraid!) So…perhaps early this summer?

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