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Snow Haven* is a sequel to the Iron Shoes series of novellas. Those were set in Saratoga Springs, NY, between 1905 and 1909, and told the story of the O’Donnell and Hawkes families as they tried to negotiate being part fae in a very human New York.

Now it’s 1933, and Patrick O’Donnell is struggling with a growing set of problems. The Great Depression is in full swing, horse racing is being taken over by mobsters, the spas and casinos have long since passed their glory days, and he’s more and more limited by his fae blood to his own land.

And then Lizzie Sanders returns. She’s lost her position at a Philadelphia hospital and retreats to the farm where her parents both still work. She hopes to find work again soon, but a friend from Philadelphia has followed her. Marcus is pursued by those who would stop at nothing to retrieve him, and his presence at Hawk’s Folly Farm might ruin the dreams of everyone who calls that farm home…

*This title is not final.




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