Map and Notes, The King’s Daughter

In looking back at this novel, I was pleased to discover that I still have the map that I created long ago!



Other Notes:


Relance—language commonly spoken by the Menhirre of the mountain provices, once the predominant language in Jenear, but no longer so.

Versh—language commonly spoken in the lowland provinces, official language of the country of Jenear, spoken in the neighboring kingdom of Verina.

Cantreidian—language spoken in the neighboring country of Cantreides, also present in Cantreidian quarters of larger cities in Jenear

Galasiene—language spoken by the Galasiene people in the province of Galas.

Bremagni—language spoken by the tribesmen of Bremen (multiple dialects)


Jenesetta—capital of Jenear and second largest city in the country

Perisen—largest city in the country (financial hub)

Comhi—coastal city (with harbor)

Stone Point—provincial seat of Sandrine Province

Jasdalan—town in mountains of Sandrine, supposedly the home of the Brown Brigade (in actuality, there are several towns named Jasdalan)


In Jenear, titles do not carry the same value as they would in another country. The titles “Duke” and “Earl” denote only the size of the province the nobleman holds. Therefore, one cannot have secondary titles. In addition, the titles are actually a replacement for the older title of “Steward”, which gives a more accurate depiction of a nobleman’s job description.