ArmadilloCon Schedule

I’ll be in Austin next weekend for ArmadilloCon (generally one of my favorite cons!), and I hope to see people I know there.  Here’s where I’ll be:

Learning to Write 
Sat 11:00 AM-Noon Ballroom E
Bracken, Cheney, McKay, Osborne, Richerson*, Schwarz
Panelists recommend books, classes, workshops, websites and other resources for people learning to write.

Career Management for Writers
Sat 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Southpark A
Cheney, Chu, Eudaly, Landon*, McKay, Wells
How do you manage your career as a writer? How do you know when it is time to switch agents, publishers, etc.?

Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Dealers’ Room
Antonelli, Catmull, Cheney, Clarke, Fung, McKinney,

FSF Alternatives to “Happily-Ever-After”
Sun 1:00 PM-2:00 PM Southpark A
Cheney, Cole*, Fletcher, Rountree, White,
How are Fantasy and Science Fiction writers finding new ways to tell stories, with endings that are not the traditional “happily ever after?”

Self Publishing State of the Art
Sun 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Southpark A
Cheney, Clevenger*, de Orive, Foster, Swendson, Williams
How has self publishing changed in the last 5 years? What works, currently, and what does not? How can writers and artists use self publishing most effectively?

So I’ll be on an handful of cool panels, and signing books on Saturday.  Please drop by and say hi or introduce yourself!




I will be at Comicpalooza next weekend (June 17-19) in Houston, and I wanted to put my schedule up here…

(Very excited! This is my first Comic Con).


FRIDAY 4:00 – 5:00pm  Why We Love Urban Fantasy

Amy Sisson (M); Leslie S. Klinger, J. Kathleen Cheney, Mercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon




11:00 – 12:00pm  Marketing for Writers: How to Sell What You Write

Ashley Nemer (M) Cassandra Rose Clarke J. Kathleen Cheney D. L. Young Alan J. Porter


1:30 – 2:00 pm SIGNING 

(I don’t know if anyone will actually buy any of my books, but I hope to sign at least ONE!)


4:00 – 6:00pm Workshop: Revising Your Drafts

Jayme Lynn Blaschke (M), Katherine Catmull, Heather Poinsett Dunbar, Christopher Dunbar, J. Kathleen Cheney  (Obviously, the B-D crew)


Since I’ve never been before, I’m sure I’ll be a bit overwhelmed. The excellent Michelle Muenzler will be there, and since I’ll probably inflict at least one Finnish lesson on her during they drive, I invite you all to come tell either of us, Tervehdys! Or Terve. Or Hei…


DFW Writers Conference Schedule

I have my final schedule for the DFWCon, a chance for budding writers to network and learn tools of the trade.  I’ve attached the sessions I’m doing below:



Saturday, 9:00-9:50. Class – Historical Research for Fiction Writers. Room 201C.

Researching for a historical piece? This session covers Historical Research for Fiction Writers: Where to Start, When to Stop, and What to Do When You Mess Up

 Saturday, 11:00-11:50. Panel – It’s Your Public, Deal With It. Room 202C.

The best ways to deal with fans, social media, book signings, blog tours, guest blogging, etc.

  • Moderator: J. Kathleen Cheney
  • Panelists: Bonnie Stufflebeam, Harry Hunsicker, Jamie Harrington, Lindsay Cummings


Sunday, 4:00-4:50. Workshop – So Here’s My Problem. Room 202B.

You’ll be part of a group of instructors that will help writers with whatever writing challenge they bring to the table. Each of the FOUR writers will have 11 minutes to discuss their problem and receive feedback from the instructors.

  • Moderator: Harry Hall
  • Panelists: Kay Honeyman, J. Kathleen Cheney, Anna Davis, Eric Smith, Jenny Martin



If you’re going to be there, I hope I see you! Please stop by and say hi!



WFC Con Report

Con Reports are one of those things we seem to do to let the world know we actually went to a con instead of saying we did and spending the day getting massages and eating room service nachos.

So let’s see…

We flew to Saratoga Springs on Thursday, and every stage of the trip went smoothly. After we arrived, we went out to dinner with Lawrence M. Schoen and his wife Valerie, and had excellent crepes. I’m afraid that I was so tired after that (we -did- get up about 2:30 AM), that I went back up to my room and went to bed.

Friday morning I woke promptly at 4:30 AM. That should provide everyone with an explanation why I’m rarely at parties at night…by then I’m dead on my feet!  I had breakfast with my wonderful agent, Lucienne Diver, and then did a panel on Healers in Fantasy (with James Alan Garner,  Julie Czerneda, and Anatoly Belilovsky–one of my fellow Codexians.)  I do know that panel went very well because there were still people stopping me the next day to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. There was a mass autographing session that night where I was rather shocked to find that a reader had actually brought some of my books to be signed. That made my evening ;o)  (Thanks, Dee!)

At some point in there I met several excellent people, but I certainly won’t be able to name them all.  I got to catch up with Tina Connolly and Caroline Yoachim, chatted with Tex Thompson, Dominick D’Aunno, met Shecky Betai, hung out with fellow Carpe Libris gals, Melissa Mead and Ruth Burroughs, and chatted with Renee Babcock and Cathy Green…and I need to remember to send out author copies when I get them! Too many others to get them all. I’m sorry if I’ve left you off, but I’m beginning to think I need to take notes at these things!

Saturday was the Codex Breakfast (always fun) where some issues with the venue’s wheelchair accessibility became evident.  I followed that with a comparatively lackluster panel (no one came up to tell me they enjoyed that one….hmmm), then had dinner with another crowd where I got to meet other smashing people. Or was that Friday night?

This is the problem with con reports…by the time I’ve arrived home, I’ve forgotten the order of everything!

I did get to go to the awards banquet (along with my husband), courtesy of my publisher. The Penguin table had not only two of  the amazing editors (Diana Gill and Anne Sowards), but also Joe Haldeman (!) and his charming wife, Guy Gavriel Kay (!), and Anne Bishop(!!!), none of whom treated me like I was a terrible interloper. (There was one other gentleman at out table, an editor named Oliver….whose last name continues to elude me!)

And Monday? Well I spent that in blissful research, aided by the SSPL’s Local History Librarian, Teri Blasko, who dug up all manner of resources for me and made some excellent recommendations…

So that was Saratoga Springs. I really love it there, although if I had to be there in January, I don’t think I would. ;o)

And since I’ve gotten back, I’ve been back to scrambling around, getting work done on the house and trying to catch up…so if I’m sending you something, it may take a couple of days to get to it. Sorry!

But it was a lovely town to return to, and I hope that we’re there again in another 8 years (although the issues with accessibility should be addressed first.)


WFC Schedule + Goodreads Giveaway

I’ve been underwater lately with my recent move to Texas, so I haven’t been posting much, but I’m finally getting all the moving chores back under control and will have time to return to the writing world. In fact, I actually met with some other writers yesterday for a two-hour writing session at a Starbucks!

But World Fantasy Con is coming up very fast, so I wanted to get my schedule posted. I will be on two panels:

Friday at 11AM:

Healing in Fantasy
Sometimes you just need a doctor, but in Fantasyland a healer has to do. Magical healing is a surprisingly common and yet complex issue. The panel will discuss the ramifications of magical healing and which texts they feel illustrate some of the more nuanced approaches to getting your heroes and heroines back on their feet.

James Alan Garner (mod.), Anatoly Belilovsky, J.K. Cheney, Julie Czerneda


Saturday at 11AM

Fantasy Landscapes and the limits of imagination
From gloomy Gothic woods, to empty Gothic Mountain fastnesses… is there more to fantasy-scapes than the Gothic, or are we stuck in a haunted Gothic rut?
J.K. Cheney, John Clute, Mary Soon Lee, Paul Park

(I very much fear I’m the moderator on that last one, although it doesn’t have me marked.)

Anyhow, I’ll be present there, and if you run into me, stop and say hi! (And remember that I’m terrible with names, so be patient if I can’t remember yours ;o)


Also, I have a Goodreads GIveaway of The Seat of Magic running for two more days over on Goodreads, so if you want a copy, click to go over and sign up!


ArmadilloCon Schedule

I have my schedule for ArmadilloCon in Austin this weekend. Since I’ll be moderating a couple of these, I’ll get to sound official!

(Reminders about Giveaways at the bottom.)


Researching Your Book  Fri 5:00 PM-6:00 PM Ballroom E
Blaschke, Cheney*, Moyer, Osborne, Thomas, Wood
Where to look, who to ask, what to do? How much is too much? What do you do with all the research that doesn’t fit in the book?


Stump the Panel: Make Up an SF/F Use for an Everyday Object Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Ballroom D
Cheney*, Mandala, Stoddard, Rose, Rountree
The audience supplies the items, and the panel provides the imagination.

 Broad Universe  Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Southpark A
Burton, Cheney, Jones, Latner*, Oliver, Ward, Wright
A joint reading by members of the writers’ group Broad Universe “promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror written by women.

Sa1600DR AutographingSat 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Dealers’ Room
Cheney, Eudaly, Finn, Latner, Reed, Webb, Wells


Hardcore Business of Writing Sun 11:00 AM-Noon Ballroom F
Cheney, Jacobs, Maresca, Swendson*, Wells
How does a writer look out for him/herself in the big world of publishing? What has helped the panelists most in forming a profitable writing career?

Performing Major Surgery on Your Novel Sun Noon-1:00 PM Ballroom F
Cargill, Cheney*, Chu, Marmell, Sarath, Wood
When do you know it’s time for a major redo of your novel? What do you do when an editor asks for a severe change in word count, to delete or add a subplot, or change the viewpoint character? Is it best to cut with precision, or chuck it all and start over?

So that’s what I’ll be doing at ArmadilloCon (when I’m not holed up in my room eaditing!)

If you’re in the Austin area, you should definitely come and see the show ;o)


There’s a giveaway running through this Wednesday on GoodReads for copies of The Shores of Spain.

And the Rafflecopter giveaway still has 10 days left!


Five Photographs over at Jill Archer’s Blog today!

Today I’m joining the list of author’s who’ve visited Jill Archer’s Blog this spring/summer to share some photographs that describe our lives.

Also a reminder that SoonerCon is coming up this weekend, and I hope to be seeing a lot of friendly faces there!