Cast of Characters

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Cast of Characters

At Amiestrin:

Ellis Karsyet Dantreon: daughter of King Karsyas of Jenear

Merielle:  Galasiene servant at Amiestrin  (Surname unknown)

Melia Seran:  Cook and wife of Geris Seran

Geris Seran:  Guardsman

Daria Seran:  Daughter of Melia and Geris Seran

Mrs. Verus:   Housekeeper

Conrad:  Stable master

Gordon:  Master gardener



Marshal Andrian Dantreon: Retired Marshal of the Guard, distant cousin of the king.

Lieutenant Carmeyona Dantreon: Son of Marshal Dantreon, lieutenant in charge of administering Amiestrin

Lieutenant Damon Sirtris:  Guardsman from Galas

Master Jonathan Overton:  Former tutor of the king, now his advisor.

Sub-marshal Maell Winhain: Cavalry training

Lieutenant Verin Dantreon: Assistant in Engineering

Ara Siviata:  Cantros

Lieutenant Kiyaden Sidreiyan:  Artillery

Miklos Jeriya:  Relance

Lieutenant Saratin Telmaren:  Field medicine



Thomas Farrier: From North Mornacassen, previously served in the North Country Province.

Yefin Fariana: From Kilmesia, previously served in the City Guard, second son of the       Duke of Kilmesia

Mikhal Deviron: From Jestriyan, fourth son of the Duke of Jestriyan

Jerin Marisi:  From Perisen, fourth son of the Duke of Perisen, served in North Country Province



Llelas Sevireiya: From Sandrine, heir to the Duchy of Sandrine.  Formerly served in Palace Garrison in Jenesetta.

Anthony Ironwright: From Comhi, Served in Comhi Garrison.

Arhen Demiranya: From Serione, served in Perisen

Sean Korisen:  From Comhi, served in the Comhi Garrison



*Joseph Waggoner: From Comhi, served in Kilmaret Garrison

Heall Morniani: From Serione, served at Padraichi

*John Meriton: From Kilmesia, served at East Peliaside  Garrison

Sereis Fallarcassan:  From North Country Province, served at Bremen South



Mark Winterdown:  From Peliaside

Dleyan Merzeyes: From Arnacassan, served at Padraichi.

Cirvan Arisroven: From North Country Province, served at South Bremen

*Genan Disoutri: From Fareina, served at the Kiriata River Bend Garrison


In Kensit:

Father Dachran:  Priest

Miralys Dantreon:  Daughter of Marshal Dantreon

Idiris Dantreon:  Daughter of Captain Andrian Dantreon, granddaughter of Marshal Dantreon


In Jenesetta:

Karsyas Dantreon:  King of Jenear

Marshal Qeverin:  Marshal in charge of the Central Guard and consolidated HQ.

Sub-marshal Sirien Revasien:  Sub-marshal in charge of personnel.



In Perisen:

Anton Marisi:  Duke of Perisen, eldest brother of Jerin Marisi

Hessien Marisi: Second-eldest Marisi son

Garayan Marisi:  Third Marisi son

Sayannen Sevireiya:  Duke of Sandrine, father of Llelas  Sevireiya

Gabriel Farrier:  Uncle of Thomas Farrier

Calana Kitina:  Cantreidian House Master for the Farriers

Orana Quitai:  Former Prizefighter and acrobat, friend of  Llelas

Rhianyes Revisarien:  Former associate of Nikhol Paredes, known as Mistress Revis

*(never mentioned by name)