Cast of Characters

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Cast of Characters


In Sandrine Province:

Llelas Sevireiya: Steward of Sandrine Province (Duke) Formerly served in the King’s Bodyguard of the Palace Garrison in Jenesetta


Sovre Sevireiya: Elder half-brother of Llelas, by a former housemaid at the manor. Lawyer, and primary trustee of the Sandrine Trust

Liana Sevirieya: Wife of Sovre, economics advisor for the Sandrine Trust

Siva Sevireiya: Half-sister of Llelas, by a woman in Stone Point (a month younger)

Verin Dantreon: Engineer, working for the Sandrine Trust to build roads and towns in the province


In Jenesetta (capital of Jenear) :

Jesse Revasien: Nephew of Sub-marshal Revasien, a Seer (11 years old)

Sub-Marshal Sirien Revasien: Sub-marshal in charge of personnel for the Guard


In Perisen:

Anton Marisi:  Duke of Perisen, cousin to Llelas

Hessien Marisi: Next younger brother of the duke