Cast of Characters

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Cast of Characters

At Amiestrin:

Ellis Karsyet Dantreon: daughter of King Karsyas of Jenear

Merielle:  Galasiene servant at Amiestrin  (Surname unknown)

Melia Seran:  Cook and wife of Geris Seran

Geris Seran:  Guardsman

Daria Seran:  Daughter of Melia and Geris Seran

Mrs. Verus:   Housekeeper

Conrad:  Stable master

Gordon:  Master gardener



Marshal Andrian Dantreon: Retired Marshal of the Guard, distant cousin of the king.

Lieutenant Carmeyona Dantreon: Son of Marshal Dantreon, lieutenant in charge of administering Amiestrin

Lieutenant Damon Sirtris:  Guardsman from Galas

Master Jonathan Overton:  Former tutor of the king, now his advisor.

Sub-marshal Maell Winhain: Cavalry training

Lieutenant Verin Dantreon: Assistant in Engineering

Ara Siviata:  Cantros

Lieutenant Kiyaden Sidreiyan:  Artillery

Miklos Jeriya:  Relance

Lieutenant Saratin Telmaren:  Field medicine



Thomas Farrier: From North Mornacassen, previously served in the North Country Province.

Yefin Fariana: From Kilmesia, previously served in the City Guard, second son of the       Duke of Kilmesia

Mikhal Deviron: From Jestriyan, fourth son of the Duke of Jestriyan

Jerin Marisi:  From Perisen, fourth son of the Duke of Perisen, served in North Country Province



Llelas Sevireiya: From Sandrine, heir to the Duchy of Sandrine.  Formerly served in Palace Garrison in Jenesetta.

Anthony Ironwright: From Comhi, Served in Comhi Garrison.

Arhen Demiranya: From Serione, served in Perisen

Sean Korisen:  From Comhi, served in the Comhi Garrison



*Joseph Waggoner: From Comhi, served in Kilmaret Garrison

Heall Morniani: From Serione, served at Padraichi

*John Meriton: From Kilmesia, served at East Peliaside  Garrison

Sereis Fallarcassan:  From North Country Province, served at Bremen South



Mark Winterdown:  From Peliaside

Dleyan Merzeyes: From Arnacassan, served at Padraichi.

Cirvan Arisroven: From North Country Province, served at South Bremen

*Genan Disoutri: From Fareina, served at the Kiriata River Bend Garrison


In Kensit:

Father Dachran:  Priest

Miralys Dantreon:  Daughter of Marshal Dantreon

Idiris Dantreon:  Daughter of Captain Andrian Dantreon, granddaughter of Marshal Dantreon


In Jenesetta:

Karsyas Dantreon:  King of Jenear

Marshal Qeverin:  Marshal in charge of the Central Guard and consolidated HQ.

Sub-marshal Sirien Revasien:  Sub-marshal in charge of personnel.



In Perisen:

Anton Marisi:  Duke of Perisen, eldest brother of Jerin Marisi

Hessien Marisi: Second-eldest Marisi son

Garayan Marisi:  Third Marisi son

Sayannen Sevireiya:  Duke of Sandrine, father of Llelas  Sevireiya

Gabriel Farrier:  Uncle of Thomas Farrier

Calana Kitina:  Cantreidian House Master for the Farriers

Orana Quitai:  Former Prizefighter and acrobat, friend of  Llelas

Rhianyes Revisarien:  Former associate of Nikhol Paredes, known as Mistress Revis

*(never mentioned by name)




Other Notes:


Relance—language commonly spoken by the Menhirre of the mountain provices, once the predominant language in Jenear, but no longer so.

Versh—language commonly spoken in the lowland provinces, official language of the country of Jenear, spoken in the neighboring kingdom of Verina.

Cantreidian—language spoken in the neighboring country of Cantreides, also present in Cantreidian quarters of larger cities in Jenear

Galasiene—language spoken by the Galasiene people in the province of Galas.

Bremagni—language spoken by the tribesmen of Bremen


Jenesetta—capital of Jenear and second largest city in the country

Perisen—largest city in the country (financial hub)

Comhi—coastal city (with harbor)


In Jenear, titles do not carry the same value as the would in another country. The titles “Duke” and “Earl” denote only the size of the province the nobleman holds. Therefore, one cannot have secondary titles. In addition, the titles are actually a replacement for the older title of “Steward”, which gives a more accurate depiction of a nobleman’s job description.