Why you didn’t see author X at _____________Con

J. Kathleen Cheney:

As I’m heading out for ArmadilloCon today, I thought I’d slap this back up…since I’m going to be hiding in my hotel room, editing…

Originally posted on J. Kathleen Cheney:

Do you ever go to cons and want to see a specific person? And yet, despite knowing they’re present, you still don’t see them? Or you do see them, but they don’t seem to have time to talk to you?

Now I’m not talking about panels here, I’m talking about social encounters.  You know, hanging out in the bar, sitting in the con suite, meeting up at parties.  Some of those just don’t happen, and here are some of the reasons why…

1) Your target is socialized out (or not very social at all.)

For me, a rampant introvert, socializing is exhausting. I usually do pretty well for the first day or  so at a con, but after a couple of days, I’m getting mentally stressed. I tend to revert to only talking to my friends, or hiding in my hotel room and watching reruns of Mythbusters.

This isn’t a…

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Strong Female Characters (from Childhood)

I’ve got an article up at the Ragnarok Publications Blog, where I’m talking about a Strong Female Character from my childhood, Mrs. Frisby. 

My article is about the character who can’t fix her problems by herself, something that’s very very common in real life, but not as common in fiction.  So drop by and give it a look (although I don’t think there’s any way to comment.)


ArmadilloCon Schedule

I have my schedule for ArmadilloCon in Austin this weekend. Since I’ll be moderating a couple of these, I’ll get to sound official!

(Reminders about Giveaways at the bottom.)


Researching Your Book  Fri 5:00 PM-6:00 PM Ballroom E
Blaschke, Cheney*, Moyer, Osborne, Thomas, Wood
Where to look, who to ask, what to do? How much is too much? What do you do with all the research that doesn’t fit in the book?


Stump the Panel: Make Up an SF/F Use for an Everyday Object Sat 10:00 AM-11:00 AM Ballroom D
Cheney*, Mandala, Stoddard, Rose, Rountree
The audience supplies the items, and the panel provides the imagination.

 Broad Universe  Sat 2:00 PM-3:00 PM Southpark A
Burton, Cheney, Jones, Latner*, Oliver, Ward, Wright
A joint reading by members of the writers’ group Broad Universe “promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror written by women.

Sa1600DR AutographingSat 4:00 PM-5:00 PM Dealers’ Room
Cheney, Eudaly, Finn, Latner, Reed, Webb, Wells


Hardcore Business of Writing Sun 11:00 AM-Noon Ballroom F
Cheney, Jacobs, Maresca, Swendson*, Wells
How does a writer look out for him/herself in the big world of publishing? What has helped the panelists most in forming a profitable writing career?

Performing Major Surgery on Your Novel Sun Noon-1:00 PM Ballroom F
Cargill, Cheney*, Chu, Marmell, Sarath, Wood
When do you know it’s time for a major redo of your novel? What do you do when an editor asks for a severe change in word count, to delete or add a subplot, or change the viewpoint character? Is it best to cut with precision, or chuck it all and start over?

So that’s what I’ll be doing at ArmadilloCon (when I’m not holed up in my room eaditing!)

If you’re in the Austin area, you should definitely come and see the show ;o)


There’s a giveaway running through this Wednesday on GoodReads for copies of The Shores of Spain.

And the Rafflecopter giveaway still has 10 days left!


All Things UF + #Goodreads #Giveaway

I’m just dropping by to note that I’m a guest over at All Things Urban Fantasy today, where I’m talking about trying to define that line between Romance and Fantasy.  (Verdict: It’s still a bit of a mystery) There’s a giveaway at that site, BTW.

I also have a giveaway running through next Wednesday at GoodReads for a signed copy of The Shores of Spain, so drop by and sign up!


Friday Features Golden City Series J. Kathleen Cheney

Originally posted on C.D. Hersh:

Friday Features


J. Kathleen Cheney

Author of

Golden City Series

Today J. Kathleen is sharing about her Golden City Series, and romance in a woman’s world.

Here’s J. Kathleen:

The Thrust of the Series

This newest book is the final one in the Golden City Series, and for the first time we have our newly married couple, Oriana and Duilio, living and working in her homeland, not Portugal. There the sereia (sirens) rule and males are, predominately, decorative. It’s a difficult change for Duilio, who as a gentleman of the early 1900s, is very accustomed to men being in control. He has to learn to hold his tongue, and when to be seen or not seen. But he and Oriana have a secondary task there on the islands, to figure out who wanted her mother dead…and they’ll need help to solve that mystery.


Shores of SpainEven as…

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A couple more appearances and a #giveaway!

So as part of my debut week, I’ve got a couple more appearances cropping up:

First of all, I am both a respondent and an answer in today’s MIND MELD over at SFSignal, where authors discuss favorite detectives. I mention my faves by Ben Aaronovitch and Roger Zelazny, while Beth Cato kindly recommends my Duilio Ferreira!

(EEK! I forgot to add that I’m also Guest Posting over at SFSignal today, too! How to Write a Matriarchy))

Also, I’m up at Fantasy Book Critic, where I talk about my setting and answer the question, “Why Portugal?”

(There’s a giveaway there, as well as others at the links listed below!)


And Big Thanks to EVERYONE who’s purchased a copy of The Shores of Spain. I’m not one of those NYT Bestseller authors, but I know I was somewhere in the top 200 of Historical Fantasy for a while. (Since the top 100 is almost all versions of Outlander and Jonathan Strange, it’s pretty tough competition!)

I shall pay it forward by buying extra books over the next few days!


(Although my books aren’t that organized, that’s kinda what my TBR pile feels like…)


Posts from earlier in the week:

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A review and another giveaway on Vampire Book Club.

Researching Fiction set in locales other than England at RisingShadow.

Leaving things out that you just can’t squeeze in at Over the Effing Rainbow.


Release Day for The Shores of Spain! + #Giveaway

Today the final novel in the Golden City series is released: The Shores of Spain. 

Accordingly, I’m present in a lot of spots around the internet (with giveaways!) and in order to avoid spamming people, I’m trying to put as many as possible into one post.  So let’s GO!

First, I talk about my obsession with the Titans that appear in my first novel, The Golden City, over on GeekMom.

Second, I talk about wrapping up a series over on SciFiChick.

Third, there’s a review and another giveaway on Vampire Book Club (Yay!)

Fourth, there’s a guest post on Researching Fiction set in locales other than England at RisingShadow.

Fifth, there’s a post over at Over the Effing Rainbow where I talk about leaving things out that you just can’t squeeze in.

Most of these posts have a giveaway attached, so if you’re looking to win copies, you can drop by each one and sign up separately. If, however, you’re looking to purchase copies, Amazon has a special low price on the Trade Paperback of The Shores of Spain ($7.86!) which I have since figured out is provoked by the fact that Walmart.com has all three books in paper form now, with what are currently the lowest prices.

Finally, in an interesting aside, I will be at ArmadilloCon later this month, and I’m actually mentioned in their introductory video! (I feel SPECIAL!)  It’s worth a listen just for the people who are coming to ArmadilloCon this year, and to hear the narrator, who sounds eerily like Martha Stewart. 

If you’d like to help me out, and help me stay published, please retweet and share my links if you have time.  Thanks!!!