I’ve finally finished the rough draft of After the War!


After the War is  planned to be the final novella in the Golden City setting. By final, I mean the last one I have planned chronologically, not the last one I intend to work on.

I am actually working on two other things in that setting: a prequel novella (or two) showing the meetings of Gaspar, Anjos, Vladimirova, and the Lady; and a sequel about Cristiano (Joaquim’s clever younger brother) and a submarine race. (I mean a literal submarine race and not the euphemistic version of that term.)

My Patreon patrons will get access to the final chapter of After the War today (it’s on this website, but password protected), and I hope to have that novella available for purchase by the end of the summer. I have a cover commissioned, and I should be sending it to my editor/formatter by the end of the week.

Cross your fingers that all goes as timed.


If you’re looking for other new  (free) fiction by me, I’d suggest reading The Horn, which is set in the Dreaming Death world (although I concerns a different Family.)

The Horn  

The Horn, page 2




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