Now in Paperback (almost), plus signing…

Aha! Now I have a page for the paperback!

One of the things I’ve been working on is getting my old ebooks reformatted and making them available in paperback. Below you can see the final cover for my redone book: Iron Shoes: Tales from Hawk’s Folly Farm.  

IronShoes_Draft2DigitalFinal (2)

This new book includes all three of the Hawk’s Folly Farm novellas in one book. That means my old ebook versions of Iron Shoes, Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folly, and Snowfall have all been taken down.

This book is also going to be available from Createspace, and I’ll put the link here as soon as it works its way through the Amazon system. The new book is also available via Smashwords and will eventually hit other ebook retailers like B&N and Apple. (This is always a tortured process.)

With three novellas, this book turns out to be 380 pages, and therefore, the price runs a bit higher. It will be 13.99 in paperback and  3.99 for the ebook. (I hope to figure out how to do coupons later, but right now I’ve got other fish to fry.)


In addition, The Seer’s Choice has made it through to a few more vendors including Barnes and Noble and Kobo. And Amazon has linked up the page from one to another, making it possible to see the reviews on the paperback’s page!

I will also be running a Goodreads Giveaway for TSC starting in about a week, so I’ll link that here.


Finally, a reminder for anyone in the Houston area that I will be at Murder by the Book this Saturday at 4:30 pm for a signing with the amazing Martha Wells!  So please come down and chat with me while Martha signs books!




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