ConDFW Schedule (with added kolaches!)

I’ve been putting off laying my schedule out for ConDFW (this weekend!) because I’ve had a few other things going on, but here it is:


4pm: It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…

Panelists:  Mel White (M), KM Tolan, Linda Donahue, Teresa Patterson, William Ledbetter, J. Kathleen Cheney

Starting a story, whether a short story or a massive tome, is usually the most difficult thing to do.   You know the characters, and you know the world.  But just how do you get started?  Our writing experts give tips and tricks for how to get that story started.



READING 10am: J. Kathleen Cheney, Rhonda Eudaly


12pm (noon)  Creating your Fantasy Hero

Panelists: Marshall Ryan Maresca (M), C. Dean Andersson, Tracy S. Morris, Martha Wells, Bradley H. Sinor, J. Kathleen Cheney

There are many stereotypes of hero out there in Epic Fantasy.  The brawny barbarian, the wise wizard, the crafty thief and the pious cleric are all choices.  Which hero fits your world that you have built?  Or do you want to go counter‐trope and build something against the norm?  We’ve put together the brains of our fantasy authors and they will give you ideas on how to build the perfect hero for your world.   [Note: “Perfect Hero” does not denote a commitment to a romantic relationship, so be forewarned]


(And I’ve been added to this one, although my attendance is contingent upon an outside commitent.)

9pm: Pornography vs Erotica – How to sell a scene

Panelists: Melanie Fletcher (M), J. Kathleen Cheney, others

Our popular late night panel returns with a twist!  It is one thing to write slash fiction which no one will read.  It is another to write so that people will buy.  Our writers talk about their experiences trying to sell their erotica/pornography, and why something worked and some did not.  Warning, this may be spicy, and is definitely adults only!



2pm: Promoting Your Wares

Panelists: J. Kathleen Cheney (M), Julia S. Mandala, Rie Sheridan Rose, Mary Gearhart‐Gray

You can be self‐published, or part of a world‐spanning literary empire, but you still need to know how to promote your book.  Between book tours, going to conventions and other events and a media blitz, our publisher experts talk about the ways to promote your wares so they can be seen and consumed!



So that’s where I’ll be, and if you come, please come by and introduce yourselves!



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