Today I’m a guest over at John Scalzi’s blog, where I talk about the Big Idea of extreme sensitivity.  

FWIW, at the signing last night I answered some questions about this, including quite a bit about how difficult it would have been for her to eat at first (which is why she went from a plump child to a rather slim young woman–she basically couldn’t tolerate food for some time.) One of the guests at the reading last night asked is she was a vegetarian, to which I answered yes, although she does tolerate fish in the second novel.

in addition, I’m interviewed over at Beth Cato’s blog, so you can drop by there and pick up a few other little tidbits.


I also had a signing last night at the Barnes and Noble, Lincoln Park, Dallas.

12651077_10208167419960634_5114741014135867214_nHere I am holding forth on some topic, fortunately away from the microphone by then (I only learned later that the microphone broadcast all over the store!) But I’m talking, which I hope is enough of an explanation for that expression…

The signing went well, although it’s difficult to get people to come down to a store on a school night. Next time I shall opt for a non-school night if possible.

Thanks to everyone who showed up, and to the staff there that arranged everything for me.  (And to Rhonda Eudaly, who actually thought to take a couple of pictures, because I FORGOT!)


And if you’re looking for a signed copies of my books, they have some there at the Lincoln Park location!



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