…and accordingly, I’m everywhere.

One of the horrible things about book drop day is that authors are everywhere on the internet…which I am. So let me sum up the last two days:


By M. Darusha Wehm. 

By Sally Janin at The Qwillery


Guest Posts:

At Dark Faerie Tales (along with a giveaway)  wherein I talk about the ‘history’ of Larossa.

At SFSignal where I talk about Worldbuilding Underground.


There are also a handful of reviews on there, and some should pop up any day now on Amazon. (I hope). Be kind, folks.

And finally, I’m bemused by the number of “Used” copies of my book that are now available on Amazon. 26 at last check, some of them going for as much $22.50, which is over twice what Amazon’s asking.  They’re like scalpers, only for books!

And as a reminder to DFW folks, I’m signing in a few hours (less than 3, EEEP!), at the Barnes & Noble at Lincoln Park, 7PM, so if you can, swing by and introduce yourself.




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