Review: Darkness Fair by Rachel A. Marks

Today I’m tackling Darkness Fair, by Rachel A. Marks. She was kind enough to send me an early copy (since I loved the first book so much.) This is the sequel to Darkness Brutal, which I also reviewed and loved!


Overall, I thought this book was great. It had a bit of a ‘middle of a series’ feel to it in that it didn’t resolve all the issues in the end (and carried some over from the first book, of course.)  However, some things are out in the open now that will definitely change the scenario for the next book. I can’t go further in discussing those because they would be spoilers, but one of them the author warned us about very early in the game, and I was pleased with the way it played out.


This series involves a bunch of young people with a handful of adult guardians. As such, you’d probably call this series YA, although it’s perfectly good for an adult to read. Aidan and his cohorts are all believable characters, and now I desperately want to know more about Finger. (The author probably didn’t expect me to say that.)

The relationships between the three main characters (Triangle? Not Triangle?) flow pretty naturally throughout this book, and I was pleased with the resolution, although I can’t say how it will carry on into the next book.  The action throughout the book was steady, making it a fun ride. And I’m finding the magic in this world to be absolutely fascinating, drawing as it does from mythology and history.

I’m definitely looking forward to book 3!


(I realize this is kinda weird to post on a Sunday, but I had to do this because there’s a bribery system in effect. Not the author’s, but my own accountability system.

Every time I make myself post a review, I get to buy a bag of tortilla chips.

I love tortilla chips, but I had writing reviews.  Mostly because I’m not good at it.  I’m not truly able to look at a book and dissect it. I either come away with “Book Good” or “Book Not Good Enough to Finish.”  (I won’t even contemplate reviewing something in the second category.)

And as I prematurely bought my second bag of chips for January, so I HAVE to pay up by posting this review before February.  Hence, the strange Sunday post of a review.  Sorry folks!)






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