Guest Post, Podcast, and a Pair of Reviews

When an author’s about to have a book come out, they’re generally all over the internet, and I’m no exception this week. I’ve got things popping up all over the place!

So here are a few, balled together into one blog post:

Guest Post for SFSignal’s Special Needs in Strange Worlds: You Always Bathe at Night (I’m talking about writing amputatees, using advice given by an old friend of mine.)

My first Podcast Interview, posted over at Unreliable Narrators, where I talk about my new book, my old series, and writing in general.

And a pair of reviews over at The Book Adventures!

I’m trying not to dump too much onto the internet at once, but I hope you’ll bear with me for a week or so.

Also, a reminder for people in the DFW area that I will be having a signing on 2/2 at the Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Park, Dallas. 7:00 PM.  Please come!!!



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