So this morning, I hit 10,000 units of The Golden City shipped out to retailers (according to my publisher’s author website.)


That doesn’t exactly mean 10, 000 copies have sold, but I’ll take the milestone anyway.

Now, for what it’s worth, for a lot of authors that’s a miniscule number of books.  John Scalzi probably sells that many in one week.  But for me, well, I’m pretty happy with that number, even if it’s taken a couple of years to get there.*

So let me give you a quick breakdown, just for informational purposes:

According to my publisher, that’s about 45% Mass Market Paperbacks, 37% Trade Paperbacks, and 18% ebooks.

Of course, that also doesn’t mean that many books have been sold. However, at this point in the book’s career, most shipments of the Book 1 are going out  because some retailer sold out and is restocking. Not because the book is new.

(And weirdly, the numbers say that The Golden City is still outselling the other books, although The Seat of Magic is sliding upward. I’m hoping that means that people are finishing TGC and then going out and buying the next book.)

A lot of this comes from other readers and reviewers talking about the book online. I’m really grateful for that. Thank you so much for being supportive of my books. I really appreciate it!  Readers help other readers find things they like, so the service reviewers provide is invaluable to other readers ;o)



*I had a chat with another author at World Fantasy Con, where we bemoaned the fact that we simply don’t know how to compare our numbers to other writers’ numbers. It’s nearly impossible for me to know whether 10K is actually a good number or a bad number…although it’s certainly not as high as I’d like it to be!



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