Today my guest is Coral Moore, here to talk about her most recent book and some of the furry companions in her life.

SkinDeep-EvernightPublishing-smaller (2)

(EROTICA) Mirabel Soto disconnected herself from the many people and places that triggered memories of her husband following his death. She’s avoided everything that might remind her of him for three years and never looked back. Until the owner of Midnight, the BDSM club they frequented, calls her for a favor and she finds what she was missing in the form of a very large, very troubled former marine. Carson Brewer returned from the service broken. Discovering the source of his trauma may be the key to helping him cope with post-military life, but he shuts down whenever he’s confronted about what happened. Only pain brings him peace.


But what Coral is here to talk about is her DOGS!

So without further ado:

1) Let’s start with the obvious: Tell us about your pets.

Currently I am the caretaker to two canines. The old lady is Shiva, a mixed breed rescue dog who will be 14 in February. (Shiva is the black and white one pictured trying to climb into my strawberry patch.)

11162201_10153431536135480_6776715236074209155_n (2)

The young pup is Clementine, a three-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog. (Clem is the silly girl wearing one of my hoodies.)


(This, by the way, gets my vote for one of the cutest shots I’ve had on here so far!!!)

I am aquariumless for the moment, but I hope to change that in the near future.

2) How do they help/hinder your writing?

Before I got Clementine in April I would have said that my writing was unaffected, but having a two-year-old dog bred for hunting and herding has changed my outlook on that a little. She’s very smart, and super active, so she demands quite a lot of my attention.

(As the blog owner, I’m posting this one to show that there are occasional down times!)

COBnVm2UsAEg__w (2)

3) Do they appear in any of your works?

So far neither of them have. I’m working on a fantasy story now that has an animal who has a personality a bit like Clementine’s though it’s more a fox-like animal than a dog. I think that suits Clem’s personality though, she’s very canny and has an obvious sense of humor.

4) How does being a pet owner affect your writing (philosophically?)

I think it does. Animals are treated pretty kindly in my works. I’m not sure I could ever write a story where an animal, especially a dog, is mistreated or dies.


518-0rHSdEL._UX250_Coral Moore writes character-driven fiction, mostly of the speculative variety. She loves aquariums, rides a motorcycle, and thinks there is little better in life than a good cup of coffee. She has had fiction published by Vitality Magazine, Dreamspinner Press, and Evernight Press. You can find her at her website ( or on Twitter @coralm.
You can find Coral at:

Webpage Twitter Facebook Tumblr



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