Regency/Victorian Thoughts

Although I write historical and epic fantasy, one of the things that I love to read is Regency or Victorian romance.  I really enjoy the interplay of two people dancing around each other, trying to decide whether or not they’re suitable…

Oddly, I don’t find romances set in other time periods as attractive. Georgian? Meh.  Colonial? Meh. WW2? Meh.

One of the things I’ve always loved best is the one where the heroine defies the norm and marries…well, not Lord Awesomesauce, but Mr. Jones, his secretary.  In fact, one of my favorite all time Regencies is where the heroine dumps her long-time suitor and marries her impoverished business manager. (Her Man of Affairs, by Elizabeth Mansfield.)

So it’s not too surprising that I’ve really been hooked by a more recent trend in Regency Historicals that involve normal people.  Normal people, like doctors and journalists and politicians.

The two authors I’ve been reading lately are Rose Lerner and Courtney Milan.  Not only are they darn good writers,  but they write about people that I feel more like I can relate to. People with problems other than choosing the color of bonnet to wear with te yellow dress. There have been characters of color!, characters of alternate religions!, and characters who work in bakeries…

I have to admit it’s a cool trend to see in Regency/Victorian Romance.

(And if you know of another author who fits this bill, let me know in comments. I always need more romance/mystery novels when I’m working, because I don’t read fantasy at that time.)


One thought on “Regency/Victorian Thoughts

  1. Interesting… especially if the characters REALLY work in the bakery etc. It annoys me somewhat when the mechanic/barmaid etc character in whom the H or h is interested turns out to be REALLY an undercover boss or heiress. Please… some people just are barmaids. They don’t need to be studying Quantum Physics in their spare time.

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