Bobcats…they’re real!

My new neighborhood has an online forum, and for the last couple of weeks, my neighbors have been going on about bobcats in the neighborhood (north of Dallas).

I’ve been a bit sceptical, thinking that some elderly woman with failing eyes (or me without my contact lenses in) might have mistaken a Maine Coon or some large housecat for a bobcat.

Today, I learned otherwise…

Yes, on my way home from the grocery store, at 11AM, I passed a couple of big cats strolling along one of the main streets…less than a 1/4 mile from my house. (Photo shot from my car, hence the reflection).

In case you can’t tell from that photo, here’s a closeup:

Bobcat 2

Yep, that is a bobcat. A juvenile, because he’s a bit small and his facial fur hasn’t reached its full glory.

So I posted the pic on the forum, and I hope that people with little chicken-nugget-sized dogs will keep them inside at night. My dogs are a bit large for them to take on. There are more than enough voles (and nutria!) to keep these two cats busy instead.

And I think it’s really cool that they’re managing to live in this area. More power to them, I say. ;o)


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