Guest Post (the Heroine Question) and Upcoming Books

I wanted to pop in before Thanksgiving to let everyone know that I have a guest post over at the blog of the fabulous Alyx Dellamonica, author of Child of a Hidden Sea and the upcoming A Daughter of No Nation (Seriously, it will be available be in ONE WEEK.)

There I will be talking about one of the two Childhood Heroines who really stayed with me: Katherine “Kit” Tyler.


(The other. whom I discussed over on the Ragnarok Blog a few months ago, was Mrs. Frisby.)

I was also lucky enough to have Dreaming Death pop up on SFSignal. I’m so glad Kristin is looking forward to reading it.

And just one final reminder that my Rafael novella, The Seer’s Choice, is still part of the Kindle Unlimited program, if you borrow books from them.  This novella runs concurrently with The Shores of Spain, and tells what’s happening back in the Golden City while Joaquim and Marina are abroad. (For users of other ebook platforms, The Seer’s Choice should be available in early January. )

Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!!!




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