The Non-Exclusivity of Ideas…

I’ve posted about this before. Ideas come to multiple people, often in fairly close configuration. This week, I got my most recent demonstration of that.


Yes, I’ve been watching Dark Matter. Yes, it’s a series chock-full of tropes. I’m still enjoying it….but it was episode four that really got my attention!

In episode four, we’re introduced to a concept in passing (via a video commercial in the clinic) that shows a futuristic alternative to travel: faxing yourself somewhere else, and then uploading the memories acquired by that copy before that short-term body expires.

Uh…that’s pretty much the back drop for my 2008 story Taking a Mile. (Click over to the FREE FICTION header on the navigation bar, and you’ll find it there.)

That story appeared in an well-known anthology, so it did get around Hollywood, I suspect. Is it possible that someone read my story and incorporated the idea into the TV series? Sure, it’s possible.

But it’s not too likely that if it happened, I could ever prove it.

I am, however, very curious to find out whether the double who’s appeared in the TV series turns out to be, like my story’s heroine, a copy who refuses to die as scheduled. It will be interesting to watch the remainder of season one and find out.

However, this is part of creative life. People have similar ideas. I actually mentioned in the anthology’s intro for that story that a lot of my ideas for it were formed by reading the works of Ansen Dibell, who wrote a series of novels where multiple copies of the same person were made (although not at the same time). Her series shaped a lot of my personal perceptions of consciousness, and therefore, she might have looked at my work and wondered if I’d copied her…


(I would love to know how many other people have found their ideas reflected in someone else’s work…)



2 thoughts on “The Non-Exclusivity of Ideas…

  1. So, about 1980, I woke up and started writing on the chalk board by my bed, the origin story of an alien female superhero I called Galaxia, fleeing her home world that had been invaded, finding refuge with a team of superheroes, etc.
    She could fly and shoot energy, and all that. And, some months later the first peek at Marv Wolfman’s & George Perez’s New Teen Titans came out and, looking a very different, but sharing so many of the same plot points in her origin with my Galaxia, was Starfire.
    I’ve always assumed it was psychic spies.

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