WFC Con Report

Con Reports are one of those things we seem to do to let the world know we actually went to a con instead of saying we did and spending the day getting massages and eating room service nachos.

So let’s see…

We flew to Saratoga Springs on Thursday, and every stage of the trip went smoothly. After we arrived, we went out to dinner with Lawrence M. Schoen and his wife Valerie, and had excellent crepes. I’m afraid that I was so tired after that (we -did- get up about 2:30 AM), that I went back up to my room and went to bed.

Friday morning I woke promptly at 4:30 AM. That should provide everyone with an explanation why I’m rarely at parties at night…by then I’m dead on my feet!  I had breakfast with my wonderful agent, Lucienne Diver, and then did a panel on Healers in Fantasy (with James Alan Garner,  Julie Czerneda, and Anatoly Belilovsky–one of my fellow Codexians.)  I do know that panel went very well because there were still people stopping me the next day to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

The rest of the day was a bit of a blur. There was a mass autographing session that night where I was rather shocked to find that a reader had actually brought some of my books to be signed. That made my evening ;o)  (Thanks, Dee!)

At some point in there I met several excellent people, but I certainly won’t be able to name them all.  I got to catch up with Tina Connolly and Caroline Yoachim, chatted with Tex Thompson, Dominick D’Aunno, met Shecky Betai, hung out with fellow Carpe Libris gals, Melissa Mead and Ruth Burroughs, and chatted with Renee Babcock and Cathy Green…and I need to remember to send out author copies when I get them! Too many others to get them all. I’m sorry if I’ve left you off, but I’m beginning to think I need to take notes at these things!

Saturday was the Codex Breakfast (always fun) where some issues with the venue’s wheelchair accessibility became evident.  I followed that with a comparatively lackluster panel (no one came up to tell me they enjoyed that one….hmmm), then had dinner with another crowd where I got to meet other smashing people. Or was that Friday night?

This is the problem with con reports…by the time I’ve arrived home, I’ve forgotten the order of everything!

I did get to go to the awards banquet (along with my husband), courtesy of my publisher. The Penguin table had not only two of  the amazing editors (Diana Gill and Anne Sowards), but also Joe Haldeman (!) and his charming wife, Guy Gavriel Kay (!), and Anne Bishop(!!!), none of whom treated me like I was a terrible interloper. (There was one other gentleman at out table, an editor named Oliver….whose last name continues to elude me!)

And Monday? Well I spent that in blissful research, aided by the SSPL’s Local History Librarian, Teri Blasko, who dug up all manner of resources for me and made some excellent recommendations…

So that was Saratoga Springs. I really love it there, although if I had to be there in January, I don’t think I would. ;o)

And since I’ve gotten back, I’ve been back to scrambling around, getting work done on the house and trying to catch up…so if I’m sending you something, it may take a couple of days to get to it. Sorry!

But it was a lovely town to return to, and I hope that we’re there again in another 8 years (although the issues with accessibility should be addressed first.)


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