A couple more appearances and a #giveaway!

So as part of my debut week, I’ve got a couple more appearances cropping up:

First of all, I am both a respondent and an answer in today’s MIND MELD over at SFSignal, where authors discuss favorite detectives. I mention my faves by Ben Aaronovitch and Roger Zelazny, while Beth Cato kindly recommends my Duilio Ferreira!

(EEK! I forgot to add that I’m also Guest Posting over at SFSignal today, too! How to Write a Matriarchy))

Also, I’m up at Fantasy Book Critic, where I talk about my setting and answer the question, “Why Portugal?”

(There’s a giveaway there, as well as others at the links listed below!)


And Big Thanks to EVERYONE who’s purchased a copy of The Shores of Spain. I’m not one of those NYT Bestseller authors, but I know I was somewhere in the top 200 of Historical Fantasy for a while. (Since the top 100 is almost all versions of Outlander and Jonathan Strange, it’s pretty tough competition!)

I shall pay it forward by buying extra books over the next few days!


(Although my books aren’t that organized, that’s kinda what my TBR pile feels like…)


Posts from earlier in the week:

My obsession with the Titans over on GeekMom.

Wrapping up a series over on SciFiChick.

A review and another giveaway on Vampire Book Club.

Researching Fiction set in locales other than England at RisingShadow.

Leaving things out that you just can’t squeeze in at Over the Effing Rainbow.


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