Release Day for The Shores of Spain! + #Giveaway

Today the final novel in the Golden City series is released: The Shores of Spain. 

Accordingly, I’m present in a lot of spots around the internet (with giveaways!) and in order to avoid spamming people, I’m trying to put as many as possible into one post.  So let’s GO!

First, I talk about my obsession with the Titans that appear in my first novel, The Golden City, over on GeekMom.

Second, I talk about wrapping up a series over on SciFiChick.

Third, there’s a review and another giveaway on Vampire Book Club (Yay!)

Fourth, there’s a guest post on Researching Fiction set in locales other than England at RisingShadow.

Fifth, there’s a post over at Over the Effing Rainbow where I talk about leaving things out that you just can’t squeeze in.

Most of these posts have a giveaway attached, so if you’re looking to win copies, you can drop by each one and sign up separately. If, however, you’re looking to purchase copies, Amazon has a special low price on the Trade Paperback of The Shores of Spain ($7.86!) which I have since figured out is provoked by the fact that has all three books in paper form now, with what are currently the lowest prices.

Finally, in an interesting aside, I will be at ArmadilloCon later this month, and I’m actually mentioned in their introductory video! (I feel SPECIAL!)  It’s worth a listen just for the people who are coming to ArmadilloCon this year, and to hear the narrator, who sounds eerily like Martha Stewart. 

If you’d like to help me out, and help me stay published, please retweet and share my links if you have time.  Thanks!!!


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