Just a quick drop-by to post some links:

First, my giveaways over on Goodreads that only have a couple of days left:

The Shores of Spain

The Seat of Magic

Second, an interesting post over at SFSignal by Tansy Rayner Roberts on Fantasy, Female Writers and The Politics of Influence.  I think she solidifies here several things I’ve been thinking about lately, so this is mostly posted for my own benefit, so I won’t lose it.

Third, from BookRiot, a “how to” piece, Romance Novel Think Pieces for Dummies, a quick guide to writing that insulting piece about Romance Novels that will properly convey your disdain. Because that’s what a lot of those articles read like.

Finally, from Tess Gerritsen, an update on her lawsuit over the movie Gravity. Although I don’t have anyone clammoring over my  manuscripts (yet), I have been contacted by a production company once before. (Regarding Iron Shoes, but nothing came of it).  I hate to see the courts simply ignoring the author’s rights in the whole issue. That’s scary for authors.


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