SoonerCon Schedule, June 26-28, Oklahoma City

I’m dropping back in to let people know that the SoonerCon schedule has gone live, and I’ve put my own events below.

SoonerCon will be in two weeks in Oklahoma City (actually, Mid-West City), so there’s still time to make plans to attend!

Here’s where I’ll be:


Autographs at 4:00 pm in 10 Forward


Koffee Klatch at 10:00 am in Ballroom D

1:00 pm Maynard – (Writing) The History of the Earth and Fantasy
3:00 pm Ballroom A – (Media/Science) Kaiju, Unicorns, Bigfoot, and Dragons


11:00 am Mann – (Film/TV) Declassifying Stargate
Noon Maynard – (Writing) Mommy, Where do Centaurs Come From?

This will be my first ever Stargate panel. I’m hardly an expert, but I have seen them all multiple times…


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