Mad Hatter Party at RT15 (Still about the promo)

Among other things, I’m a member of two RWA chapters and via one of those, I was invited to participate in one of the events at this con, the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (for Fantasy Romance writers).

Now first of all, I need to specify that I did none of the back-breaking organization involved in this. That fell to the other hostesses who made arrangements with RT, arranged for decorations and cookies and all the goodies and handled all the monies. (All the authors contributed to help cover the cost.)

In addition, my publicist arranged for me to have 25 copies of The Golden City to give away there!

The other authors and I got together at 3:30 to start decorating for a 5:00 party. (BY THE WAY, by 3:30 there were already people waiting to be in the first 100 to get into the party and thus get a goody bag and a free book from one of the authors.) We ran around like chickens with our heads cut off setting up the tables:

2015-05-13 14.48.31

Each party goer was also given a trivia challenge.

2015-05-13 14.48.48
Here are the lovely Tameri Etherton and Debra Kristi, two of my co-hostesses (see table of freebie books in the back.) Notice their cool hats….I has a sad that I don’t have hats.  I must work on that.

2015-05-13 14.49.04
And here’s a full line-up of the hostesses -before- we get started:

From left to right: Debra Kristi, Tameri Etherton, Grace Draven, Elizabeth Hunter, Mina Khan, Rebekah Ganiere, L. H. Nicole, (ME..with NO HAT :(…) and the charming Jeffe Kennedy (who is the queen of hats!)
2015-05-13 14.57.39At the appointed hour, we started letting people in, where they each got a ‘goody bag’ full of swag and chose a free book from one of the authors.  Since I’m new to this type of con, I was gratified that anyone took my book.  I got this shot below on my phone, though, and only realized this morning that two of the ladies there are, indeed, looking at The Golden City!!!!!   (see the shameless arrowage)

Mad Hatter Party

The event was packed, we had fun with the trivia game, and all the books were snabbled up. I was actually asked to sign several and got to talk to a bunch of readers, plus I also signed my “Penguin Passport” for several of the guests as well.

So over all, I was extremely pleased, which makes the busty author do this: big cheesy grin.  
2015-05-13 14.42.162015-05-13 14.48.41
So thanks to all the readers and guests that came, thanks to the other FF&P-RWA Fantasy Romance authors who let me participate, to my publicist and publisher who helped provide the swag, and to Diana Pharoah Francis (my con roomie and all-around amazing author) for helping out and taking all these pics!

It was a blast!

(And as a final note for the SFF con comparison and Romance con comparison aspect, this was held in a banquet room from 5-6PM, unlike genre con parties which are held in hotel rooms from 9PM-4AM. Also, the RT people told us we could go ahead and leave and THEY cleaned everything up afterward. That doesn’t happen at a genre con.)


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