Publicity and Promotion, Romance and Speculative Fiction, Part Deux

So a second half of the promotion post:

We talked to a few people about the promotional items everywhere, and found out a little bit more.

1) An advertising representative of RT magazine (who has nothing to do with the banners, to be honest), said that the banners were sometimes paid for by the writers, sometimes the publishers, and that you could often tell which by the number of mentions of the publisher (0 = paid for by writer, 12 logos and 5 books = paid for by publisher.) So the large banners are paid out from a variety of sources, but many are by the writers themselves.

2) One of the two writers mentioned on the book bags given out to each attendee (Sylvia Day) was willing to tell us that the bags were paid for by the two authors themselves, intended to help defray some of the cost of the convention. Although a specific number wasn’t given (and I would not have pressed for that!) she was willing to say it was multiple thousands of dollars.

3) An editor for a NYC publishing house told us that she thought the attendance this year was 1500-2000, just so that readers of this blog will have a ball park idea of how many people are here….

Now, a couple of added pics of unusual swag items we found in “Promotion Alley” (There’s a pic in the previous post.)

19419_10206970161275528_423600724717239119_nIn the above picture, we have some of the more unusual items. There were plenty of book marks and cards and little bracelets (including a spiked one), but here we have (In almost clockwise order)

1) A couple of paint stirrers

2) A very nice ruler

3) Tissue

4) A pom-pom

5) Little red stress-ball dragon (my favorite!)

6) Nail file

7) Hand sanitizer (with red cap)

8) Chip clip (blue heart)

9) Compact (white)

10) Coaster (saw a lot of those)

11) Chapstick and bandage dispenser.

I talked to author C.A.Szarek (one of my NTRWA mates) for a bit, and she told me that the chapstick and the bandage dispensers (and a nail file on a keyring which I cannot find!) moved better than a lot of the paper goods.

So I’ll be visiting the alley a few times to see what’s moving in the alley, and what readers are willing to pick up and carry off…

(And I promise I will return all the ones that I don’t intend to keep.)

ETA: Pretty much all the unusual swag was gone when I went back down, except for the pom-poms. 

This one below caught my funny bone: A Little Bar of Soap from Clean Reads….



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