Last night I finished rereading a favorite novel: A Wind in Cairo by Judith Tarr.

Now this is not a new or even recent book (although it’s recently been released as an ebook, link above). It was originally published in 1989, and I read it then (with the above cover).

And it blew my mind.  There’s history, there’s magic, there’s romance and, most of all, there’s a horse.

I’m not a horse expert.  I don’t own one, no matter how much I like them.  I understand that owning a horse is a committment that ranks somewhere between having a dog  and having a child.  A committment.  Owning a horse means putting their schedule above your own desires for decades.  (I’m already doing this with my dogs.)

But I’ve always loved the -idea- of owning a horse. I learned to ride, I read everything I could, and I even have written about horses.

Yes, my Iron Shoes trilogy owes a lot to this novel (and The Grey Horse by R.A.MacAvoy).

I would not for a second try to convince anyone that I write as well as Tarr.  Her writing has a lovely, poetical flow, she’s an amazing Historian, and actually owns and trains Lippizans.  I, on the other hand, am a hack writer with Airedales.

So if you love horses, type in her name to whatever bookseller your prefer’s search function, and you’ll find dozens of lovely novels to read!


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