Friday Catch-up + Tiny Snippet

I’ve rearranged my office finally, but since I haven’t hung any of my art yet, I don’t have any pictures.

Despite the clean office, I’m taking a couple of hours to work in the bagel cafe, since it’s raining.  Rain is Alwyn’s favorite weather, so he’s constantly pestering me to go outside.  By pestering I mean barking. Loudly and near-continually.  :;sighs::

So I’ve come to the cafe to do a quick blog post and get to work.

I’m currently working on The Sins of the Fathers, the sequel  to Dreaming Death. Unfortunately, when Shironne goes down to live in the Fortress, she can’t describe it for the reader. She’s blind, so it’s a real challenge for me to describe the place.

Tiny snippet:

So she allowed Tabita to lead her out into that first vast area–the commons. According to Mikael, the Fortress was very bland, with gray walls, gray floors, and glowing ceilings that provided the light within its depths. The walls held no paintings or tapestries, no wallpaper. There were, in a few places, geometric designs painted in shades of gray that were meant to give the unruly minds of children something to think about. It was commonplace to Mikael, nothing worth noticing.

To Shironne it was different, a place where breezes blew oddly clean air about. Where the walls sang to themselves, air and water moving through them like a human’s veins. Legend claimed that the Fortress was alive, and she believed it.


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