Interstellar: Ken Burns’ “The Dust Bowl” meets “2001: A Space Odyssey”

Since it’s now available for streaming, we watched Interstellar over the weekend.

Now, I will say that it’s a  visually nice movie. Given that we only have a 32″ TV, however,some of the visual awesomeness was lost.  Plus I’m just really cynical. All the business about love transcending time and dimensions did NOT work for me.

Sadly, I found that I pretty much agreed with this trailer (warning: includes spoilers.)  Don’t watch this if you’re a big fan of the movie.

My main problem with the movie was that, as a writer, I could see all the big moments coming long before they got there.  I knew pretty early on who the poltergeist was. I knew about Matt Damon (the writer telegraphed that almost as soon as MD was woken.) I knew that he was going to leave the space station again.  The problem with being a writer is that you tend to see all those things far more easily than the ‘average’ viewer, if there is such a thing.

I suspect that’s one reason I enjoy Rom Coms, Romance novels, and Mystery novels. They generally make no bones about what they are up front. They don’t expect me to think “Oh, My Goodness!” when they trot out the killer, or reveal that X is actually the guy who loved her all along.  A movie like Interstellar -does- rely on that element of surprise, and therefore, it’s lost on me.

And I will say that, in my opinion, the dialog was rather stilted, particularly when it came to matters of Love or of Relativity.  Since I’ve understood about the warping of time for space travelers since I was in my teens, I really didn’t need the explanations, so their existence made the movie seem ham-handed to me.


That said, my husband and I talked to our waiter at Sunday morning breakfast, who also watched it this weekend, and LOVED it.  To him, all these concepts were new and thought-provoking.

He’d never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey. Or Signs. Or pretty much any movie that the older generation has seen before that dealt with this sort of issue.

He probably didn’t see Ken Burns’ The Dust Bowl, from which I felt Interstellar just picked entire sections out and cut and pasted them into the movie.

So I suppose that, like Dances with Aliens….OOPS! I meant Avatar….this is all new to him. It’s novel and fresh.

And I’m glad for him that he’s not too jaded to enjoy it ;o)


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