Outside my area of expertise…

I have, in the past few months, been approached by 3 different people who want to write a book that is semi-biographical. In two cases, they wanted to know how to find a ghost writer to write it for them. All three  also wanted to ask about the legal ramifications of writing about real people they know, even when posed as fiction.

Sadly, I’m no help here.  I don’t know anyone who does ghostwriting, and have no idea how to find such a person.  Nor do I know anything about the literary/biographical fiction market and the legal ramifications of those people’s suggested stories.

I told my husband that although, yes, I’m a writer…I’m the wrong kind of writer to help those people.

It’s a bit like asking your Obstetrician to answer questions about your grandmother’s rheumatoid arthritis.

Sorry, folks.

If you want to talk about writing Speculative Fiction, then I can answer questions.  And I have some knowledge about Romance Fiction as well.  But pretty much everything else is outside my purview, and the only answers I can give you will be unsatisfactory.


2 thoughts on “Outside my area of expertise…

  1. Actually yes you do 😛 I’ve done ghostwriting in my day, with memoirs at that. So if you are still in touch with those people give them my email and maybe I can answer some of their questions. (probably the first one is yes, it DOES cost more than you think or that you might be willing to consider paying…)

    1. I shall keep that in mind for the future. The one who asked most recently isn’t looking for a writer, so…

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