The countdown has officially begun…

…to the release of Book 3, The Shores of Spain on July 7.

And I know it’s official because yesterday afternoon, I got my ARCs.

So that makes it official official.

The Mass Market paperback of The Seat of Magic also comes out the same day, and eventually I hope in the UK and Europe.  I know that’s when the MM of The Golden City hit foreign shelves…a couple of weeks after the US release.

That means 4 months until the series is closed out.

Because of the double book drop, I’m beginning to send out bookmarks to people willing to drop them on swag tables at various cons, or put a few in their library. 10982493_10206248018222403_2845584311878409762_n

So if you’re heading to a cool con in the next 3 months and are willing to put out a few, let me know and I can mail some to you.

And I’m working on Book 5 right now, tentatively named The Sins of the Fathers. There are already about 300 pages written, but since one story facet was edited out of Dreaming Death, that will actually drop that down to about 200, giving me some wiggle room to get the book wrapped up.

So the next 4 months will be full of crazy….scary crazy.


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