Late to the party, as usual….

When I saw it in the theater, I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy.  Not as much as I did The Avengers or The Winter Soldier.  But I did enjoy it.

However, on further consideration, I’ve decided that I like it the best of all the Marvel movies so far.  In no small part, that’s because of this:5566c1ff1587114e61bbb250834021c611ba3192

This is literally the music of my childhood. (That makes me feel a bit old, since it was supposedly the childhood music of Peter Quill’s mother.)  And hearing it during the movie forged an instant connection for me.

But unlike the other Marvel movies, these characters are goofballs. (There’s a scene where Quill calls them ‘losers’, but he doesn’t mean that in the sense that they’re bad people. Rather he points out that they’re all people who’ve lost.)  There’s a lot more humor in this movie than the others. On rewatching the movie, I spend a greal deal more time laughing than I do when watching the others.

And of course, there’s the Dance Off: 

The last time I watched this movie, they got to that part, and I absolutely wanted to see Lee Pace dance. ;o)

All that is to say that humor goes a long way.

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