Once more into the breach (Reading, that is…)

So once again, I started off the new year with a promise to myself that I would read more. I’m trying to spend less time doing filler stuff, like endlessly checking FB or Twitter, or randomly watching TV shows that I don’t care about. And so far I have been able to read some.

I read 4 books in January
Rivers of London (AKA Midnight Riot) by Ben Aaronovitch (mystery/fantasy)
Quaternity by Kenneth Mark Hoover (western/horror)
The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy by Julia Quinn (historical romance)
The Magician’s Mistake by Katherine Sparrow (urban fantasy)

So far this month I’ve managed to plow through the remaining 4 Aaronovitch books, which are so clever (I cannot write clever for the life of me!) and fun.

I also have one coming by E.L. Tettensor, 4 more research books, plus I need to dig out my copy of Heyer’s These Old Shades, since I’ve joined a Heyer group on-line, and need to try to keep up. Try.

Last year I fell off the wagon by March as writing became too frantic, which is one reason that I’ve already packed away 8 books this year….I’m worried that I won’t get any more done!

Anyhow, I’m hoping to keep up at least a couple of books per month and learn to manage my time better. Now, off to work on a proposal for another book.

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