ConDFW Schedule

Aha! I have a schedule for ConDFW, coming up in a couple of weeks. EEK!


Here we go:

Saturday, 11am: Alternate Genres in Alternate History

Panelists: Rie Sheridan Rose (M), P.N. Elrod, J. Kathleen Cheney, Jeff Dawson, John Hornor Jacobs

Generally the term “Alternate History” refers to changing factual history in ways that create a different situation.  The method of creation can be used in other genres, however – Harry Turtledove created an alternate world version of WWII that used magic instead of science in his World at War series “Into the Darkness”.  Taylor Anderson uses WWII ships that went through portals into an alternate world in his “Destroyermen” series.  Our panelists explore other genres and worlds and the merits (and pitfalls) of using them.

(It would be cool if Taylor Anderson would show up for this, too….)



Saturday, 4pm: Animals in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Panelists: Dusty Rainbolt (M), J. Kathleen Cheney, Martha Wells, Gloria Oliver, Bradley H. Sinor

Fear the cute little rabbit.  Hear the roar of dragons.  Most of all, run really fast if you see the Cheshire Cat.  Animals have been present in stories even in Viking sagas.  But these cute little critters are often overlooked, and it’s time we rectified this.  From David Weber’s treecats to Anne McCaffery’s dragons there are many examples of animals, intelligent or not.  Our panelists discuss these topics and more.   Beware of Grumpy Cat!


Saturday, 9pm: Pornography vs Erotica – You Got Erotic Romance in My SF! [Adult]

Panelists: Melanie Fletcher (M), Bradley H. Sinor, J. Kathleen Cheney, Patrice Sarath, others?

Our popular late night panel returns with a twist!  With the explosion of erotic romance’s popularity, a lot of SF/fantasy writers are now taking a crack at the genre. Come hear these crossover writers discuss their experiences.  Warning, this may be spicy, and is definitely adults only!

(OK, I don’t actually write erotica, but I know people who do, so…..)


Sunday, 1pm: Romancing the Beast Inside

Panelists: Melanie Fletcher (M), Rachel Manija Brown, J. Kathleen Cheney, Kevin Hosey, Sabine Starr

In many Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance stories, the werewolf becomes an uncontrollable beast at the full moon.  Of course, there are always variations, but there are stark facts about the hairy beast that always happen at some point: the long fangs, the tail, and the uncontrollable urge to chase cars.  How does one write about a romantic relationship with such a beast?  [Note: we’re not talking about physical compatibility here, but it may come up.  You have been warned.]

(So I have nonhumans in my books, so I suppose I qualify…ish.)



I’m really looking forward to ConDFW, although this is only my second (or third?)  Now to make sure my bookmarks are ready in time!



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