In no particular order…

Well, I’ve turned the penultimate draft of Dreaming Death in to my agent. (You can take ‘penultimate’ with a grain of salt. Yes, I’d like to do another pass before turning it in to my editor at the end of the month, but there will probably be several layers of edits -after- I turn it in as well.)

For anyone who’s keeping track of my career, this is a highly revised version of the second book I finished. The Golden City? That’s my 7th novel. Just because you write novels in an order, they may not be published that way, often for good reason.

So here’s my novel line-up:

1) The King’s Daughter
Not published because it needs serious work. It’s not trunked. It just needs serious work one day…when I have lots of spare time.

2) Dreaming Death
Revised, and about to be turned in, will publish sometime in 2016, I suspect.

3) The White Queen
Sequel to TKD, which needs less work than TKD, but can’t be published without TKD, so….

4) The Devil in the Details
Set in the same world as TKD and TWQ, it takes place about 50 years later, and I hope it will be the first in a series of 6 novels published as stand-alone but related books. (It’s essentially about the love lives of 6 siblings, and this one is the first)

5) The Sins of the Fathers
The sequel to Dreaming Death, but not completed because I got sidetracked to work on something else….

6) The Seat of Magic
Published July of 2014

7) The Golden City
Published November of 2013

8) The Shores of Spain
(Coming out July 2015)

So yes, The Golden City was the 7th novel I started, but was published first. This happens.

If you’re a writer and you’re not having any luck with novel #1, this should serve as a cautionary tale…or an example. Just keep plugging away.


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