Office Space, Part Deux

(I am a terrible photographer, because none of these pictures do the artwork justice!)

Last week I finally got off my butt and got frames (or better frames) for some of my office art.
This first one is a print by Kiri-Moth which really deserves a better frame (and a custom matte). It’s my favorite, and it’s strange that I took so long to get a frame on it, but it’s hung on one of my bulletin boards with story pics on it for a few years now….because it perfectly captures the main character of Devil in the Details, Kirien Sevireiya. Seriously…the train, the suitcase…it even has her pocket watch that she constantly forgets to wind.* Next time I sell something, I am definitely getting this one properly framed!

(I SO want to publish this book. SO VERY MUCH. This is the one series where I don’t want to change anything…and that’s saying a lot for me.)

Because it’s in the corner behind my desk, I can’t get a good shot of this triptych, but it’s a collection of illustrations done, again by Kiri-Moth, based on Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, one of my favorite childhood books. And I cannot seem to get the frame to hang straight!


I liked the pop of red in this work (again, by Kiri-Moth) which goes well with the red and black on my desk.


I really fell in love with the charm of Alice Tam’s “Birds in Hats” while in London and purchased several of her cards. I’ve actually got a fourth one framed, on the other side of the room.

And I finally reframed this piece by Tabitha Jensen (blogger at Not Yet Read).

I’m kinda bland, because -everything- in here is framed in black, but it’s the ‘office theme’. Yes, I have a theme.

*If you want to see the old bulletin board, it’s in this post, here.

And I have a first draft of Dreaming Death. It’s a bad first draft, but I’m sending it to my first reader (Matt Cheney, of course), and we’ll clean it up a bit before dumping it on agent and editor.


One thought on “Office Space, Part Deux

  1. Love the rats of Nimh pictures! They brought back memories of the movie. Haven’t seen that in ages…

    And don’t feel bad about using all black frames. I did that in my living room, too. Then again, there’s nothing wrong with a classic black picture frame.

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