I’m one of those weird people who really doesn’t get Halloween. At least, not Halloween the way it’s generally observed: costumes, parties, and randomly visiting strangers’ houses.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. It’s just not my kind of holiday.

I think the main problem is that I don’t ‘get’ the costuming aspect.

This week on Blackish (TV show), the father said something like “it’s the one day you don’t have to be you.”  That really struck me. Why would I not want to be me?  Why would I want to be a pirate? Why would I want to be a unicorn?  This has always been the greatest mystery of costuming for me.

But I also tend to think my costume should be perfect, and therefore, no costume is ever going to be good enough. I recall thinking in HS that my best friend who was in SCA should actually weave the fabric and hand-sew her costumes, because people in the middle ages wouldn’t be able to visit JoAnne Fabrics to purchase fabric…nor would they have a Singer at home.  (I even illustrated a couple of their newsletters for her, but didn’t go to meetings, because I felt weird about it. Go figure.)*

Yeah, my brain works that way. I’m worse than Sheldon.

On the other hand, I love seeing other people’s costumes. Some of you guys are really amazing. (Some people don’t make the same effort, though.) Keep at it, because I’m really impressed. (I also know how difficult it is to sew some of those things, so I am doubly impressed by some of those home-made costumes.)


But the other aspect of Halloween that baffles me is that it’s a party holiday. I don’t enjoy parties. Never have. (This is why you’ll rarely see me at a party at a con.) So the holiday doesn’t resonate with me in either way.

That’s OK. We’re not all required to like the same things.



You guys all have fun. Be polite to each other. Don’t scare any little kids, smash other people’s pumpkins, or egg anyone’s house. Be good.




*FWIW, I’ve also never thought time-travel would be a good idea. At least, not more than a year or two.




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