The Author Visits, More Edits, and Gratuitous Airedale Photos

I am up at The Author Visits this week, with an Amazon Gift Card giveaway, an interview, and a couple of guest posts! Go over and see what’s up!

Just some further thoughts on my edit process. Below is a pic of the -second- pass of edits regarding my edit letter for The Shores of Spain
It’s a mess, as you can see. Sometimes edits are like this. Because I moved scenes around, that generated a cascade of tiny continuity errors (most concerning who-knows-what-and-when.) Therefore, after making most of the changes in pass one, I printed out a copy of the ‘corrected’ mss and began going through line by line. I was looking for information that was redundant or left out, along with correcting a few other things from the edit letter.

Now I have to catch just a handful more issues, all of which should be fixed by noon. Then I shall print out yet another corrected copy (this makes 3 manuscripts for this edit letter…so far), and go through line by line again, trying to make sure I’ve got every last little issue covered.

Only when I’m convinced that I’ve done that, will I turn it back in to my editor.

And get back to working on Dreaming Death!


Finally, the promised Gratuitous Airedale pictures…

This morning (about 5AM) I caught a good shot of Alwyn next to the table where I’m working. Yes, he’s a messy sleeper. (Note the frisbee tucked behind his bed.)


This, however, is Penny’s Spot. There’s a reason we sometimes call her Smaug, as she tends to stash things she loves either here or her crate–so there’s a big rawhide in there, a toilet paper tube, and a paper towel tube. That’s enough to make her happy ;o)

And now…back to work!



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