Publication Process: Scrubbing

I can’t say how it is for all authors, but I’m a heavy editor. The hardest part of writing a novel for me is pounding out that very first draft. From there on out it’s editing.  And I kinda like the editing part.  (Not so much the writing part.)

Right now I’m pushing my way through edits on Book 3. My editor, Danielle, read the book and made some excellent suggestions, and so I’m now trying to put all those suggestions into words.

My edits on Book 2 were fairly minimal, but a couple of the suggestions on Book 3 included writing a new scene and changing up an incident…both of which change one important thing: Where information is revealed in the timeline of the book.

Well, I’ve done those changes, and now I’m moving on to what I call the Scrub level of editing.

I’ve printed out a copy of the mss, and will go through line by line, looking for the following things:

1) Information that’s revealed in a different place now, and thus can be eliminated in one.

2) Little bits that no longer fit the new version (so for the incident that’s moved earlier in the timeline, I have to take out any speculation about it that occurs between the old and new locations.),

3) Adding in a sentence here, a sentence there, to support a new plot element.

4) Get rid of any typos generated by the new changes.  (AKA Whack-a-Mole)



This is my chance to tighten things up as much as possible.  That bit of extraneous information that’s cool, but doesn’t really help the plot….that will have to go in this round.


So for the next week or so, I will be hunched over a stack of papers, trying to get everything just right.  It won’t be perfect. It never will.  BUT…I will try.




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