FenCon Schedule/Best and Worst Heroines

I’ve got FenCon in DFW coming up in a couple of weeks, and I got my preliminary schedule, which looks pretty nice!

I’ll be on the following panels:

Alt.History: Building a Foundation Saturday 11:00 AM

Description: It’s easy to find a trigger event for an alternate history scenario, but not always so easy to follow the ripples through and create a convincing springboard to carry a story forward. Authors discuss how they find those threads that make an alternate history credible.

Panelists: J. Kathleen Cheney, Stoney Compton, Eric Flint, Kevin Ikenberry, Sabine Starr, Shanna Swendson *

Female Protagonists and their evolving role in Literature (M) Saturday 1:00 PM

Description: It’s been a long time since the pulps used women as simple plot devices. Strong female leads make for great books, and we explore some of the best and worst examples of female protagonists in fantasy and science fiction.

Panelists: C. Dean Andersson, Paul Black, Lillian Stewart Carl, Stoney Compton, Selina Rosen, Barbara Ann Wright, J. Kathleen Cheney *

Too Close for Comfort Books Sunday 12:00 PM

Description: Some of our favorite books are naturally soothing to us, the ones we go to again and again for familiarity or an ‘easy read’. Let’s explore this phenomena and talk about what is really going on when we hide in a book.

Panelists: Kimm Antell, Michele Bardsley, J. Kathleen Cheney, Michael Ashleigh Finn, Michelle Muenzler, Rob Rogers *


Since I’m moderator on the middle one, I’ll need to do some prep on the subject, so…

Who do you think best and worst examples of female protagonists in fantasy and science fiction?


One thought on “FenCon Schedule/Best and Worst Heroines

  1. One book answers two of these questions for me – The Oracle Glass by Judith Merkle Riley has been one of my favorite go-to comfort reads for many years now, and her heroine Genèvieve Pasquier is simply outstanding – strong, snarky, good, loyal, funny, sensitive, vulnerable, a delightful touch of wicked. Ticks all of my boxes.

    Worst? No one in particular springs to mind, but I can’t stand wilting violets who stand around waiting for life to happen to them, instead of going out and making it happen.

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