Office Space: The Art Edition

I picked up some new art within the last few weeks, and I finally got some of it up on the walls in my office.

Here’s my first batch, a couple of photos by Julie Barrett, another by an artist whose name I’ve forgotten, and a limited edition (the clockwork ladybug) from Dr. Julius Roundbottom

My second batch is over the computer (hence the typewriter) and includes a couple of pieces by Doc Savage, a bulletin board with picture scraps for a book that’s on the back burners, and one piece (pinned on that board) by Kiri Moth that happens to capture one of the first scenes in that book.


And here’s a set of “Mrs. Frisbee and the Rats of NIMH” illustrations also done by Kiri Moth, for which I sorely need to buy frames.

This wall has a couple more pieces by Doc Savage, as well as that closest, which is an imprint by Mark Roland–monochromatic, so it’s difficult to photograph–and the newest, a watercolor from Tabitha over at Not Yet Read.

And here I have another bulletin board that has, yes, another unframed piece by Kiri Moth, and below that, the gorgeous painting by James Galindo that was published with my story “Taking a Mile”.


It’s taken me 15 years to accumulate all these, and I dread moving to a smaller office one day where I’ll have to pick and choose. And taking an objective look, I need MOAR FRAMES.

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