Social Media: What am I doing out here? (2014 version)

I admit  it, I consume more social media than I should.  Yes, it does subtract from the time I spend writing, but it’s also my connection to most of my friends. My writer friends are scattered to the four winds, so this is the way I stay in touch with my world.

But if you want to know what I’m doing in social media land, here’s a summary:



I have both a personal FB and an Author Page. The author page basically repeats this webpage. The personal one is for my daily use. I post about my dogs, my coffee shops, and various other stuff.

I will friend people if it looks like we have some friends in common. If I glance at your page and we don’t seem to have anything in common, I won’t.  If you post a whole slew of angry political stuff, invite me to play games all the time, or post pictures that I DO NOT want to see, I’ll block you.  In my opinion, FB is for fun, not angst.

Quick note: FB is NOT a reliable way to contact me. Unless you’re someone with whom I talk back and forth regularly, it’s likely that FB will stick your message in the Other File, which I only check once every few months. Also, if you message me and I check status on  my phone, my notification of your message disappears….and I may not recall that there ever was a message. So it’s not all that reliable…



I’m on Twitter pretty regularly. This is actually a better spot to message me, because the notification doesn’t disappear if I’ve checked on my phone. Like most people, I tweet stupid little stuff, and RT things that my friends tweet. I will, hopefully not too often, pimp my own work.

I will follow most people if their tweets look interesting–and if I perceive that they’re actually communicating with people. I will not follow someone who’s following 11K people, because they’re just there for the numbers. I won’t follow you if all you do is tweet to promote your book. I won’t follow you if you’re tweeting politics or spewing hate against someone. And I will probably unfollow you if I note that you’re keeping track of your followers and unfollowers.



My Tumblr is my newest social media platform, and I rather love it.  I rarely post stuff on my books or any deep thoughts. I’m posting pretty pictures, just ones that I like. Some are pictures of Portugal. Some are foxes. Some are just pretty scenery.

Weirdly, I’ve hidden some of my friends there because I find that my friends all tend to repeat each other. So if a good blog post is going around, it may show up 10 times in my Tumblr feed. For me, Tumblr is all about the pretty pictures, and the occasional Pacific Rim or Sleepy Hollow  fan stuff.



I have a Pinterest account, which I occasionally recall that I need to feed.  If it were a hamster, it would be dead many times over.

This is basically a place where I stick things I want to remember.

Hey, but I have a Foxes page! If you ever need cheering up, looking at pictures of foxes is a good place to start.



1) Any and all of these will fall by the wayside if I have a big deadline coming up.

2) If you have to reach me, email is always more reliable. See the ‘Contact Me’ page for guidelines.

3) Just because you’ve emailed or messaged me, that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to answer, or will answer promptly. I often ignore my phone when it rings or my front door when someone knocks (that’s usually just UPS dropping off a new book, anyway.)  That’s not a personal slight, I promise. It’s just that I get busy working in my fantasy world, and lose track of the real one.  I used to have a file marked “In the Morning” where I put emails and such, but found that I kept delaying them until the next day….and the next….and….(see #1 above)


Also, I’m a member of several groups, including Carpe Libris and Novelocity, both of which I update with spotty regularity. And I’m a member of a few closed groups, like Codex and SFNovelists, which have public aspects, but you can’t get into the private forums.


Anyhow, that’s where I stand. I have some other social media platforms (LJ, Google+, Quora, YouTube, and others) but they’re mostly ignored. The above are the places that you actually can find me ;o)













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