Publication Process: Drafts

Not everyone does this the same way, but for me, editing from a hard copy is best.

Here’s what I printed out Monday: The 0 draft of Dreaming Death.
dreaming death 0 draft

Now I call this the 0 draft because that’s how many people I’m willing to let look at it. Not even my husband gets to read this draft. Not my agent, and certainly not my editor, who would be aghast that anything comes out this bad.

Generally a 0 draft is about 75% the length of the final for me. I have to go back in and ADD description, setting details, and basically check to make that the POVs are consistent. (In this case, I have a special issue: one of the POV characters is blind. So if I have her describing how something looks, I definitely have to fix that!)

In this case, I’m working the other way. I”m at 145K, when I should be closer to 110K.

My editor wanted some material added to the front of the story line, so I’ll be cutting on the other end. Basically, I’ll be eliminating one murder and one character. That should make a huge difference for word count.

But I also need to rethink all my naming schemes for this novel. In other words, I may change a bunch of character names. Fortunately, I’m not one of those writers who freaks out over that. (Yes, I do have some I wish I could keep, but I may not be able to come up with a convincing argument to do so–the person I have to convince is me, BTW.)

And so this step–the Post 0 Draft Edit–is a vastly important one for me. I’ll probably even work up a new outline for the book, and may rearrange some scenes. But this one will be predominantly done on paper….because that’s what seems to work for me. ;o)


Random News: I have a release date now for The Shores of Spain, mid July of 2015.  It’s probably not a hard date, but that’s the best I have for now.

Sorry it has to be so far away, but I will be releasing a novella set in the same world in between now and then, I hope before Christmas. This will be the story about  Rafael Pinheiro, wherein we discover that, among other things, he plays football and actually likes Tripas à moda do Porto. 



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