Quick ArmadilloCon Summary

No grammar post today, mostly because I’m scrambling to get things ready for WorldCon (which is in England, so…)

I returned from ArmadilloCon yesterday, and had a great time. This year it was in a new venue, which was lovely. There were cloth towels in the bathrooms (which make me feel like I’m not wasting paper). The hotel lobby had a place where I could charge my phone and computer at 3:30 or 4:00 in the morning (since that’s when I would wake up and go down to the lobby to work.) Plus, because I’m a club member, they gave me free wifi, so that was all good. They also had a series of lovely plein air paintings in the lobby, none of which I brought home with me.


(They were reproductions, not the originals.)

Unfortunately, on Friday and Saturday during the con, the hotel was pumping in an overwhelming potpourri smell which my nervous system could NOT seem to filter out.   I know this was intentional, because it wasn’t happening in the early hours before the con started, nor on Sunday.  It was the one real drawback to the new location for me (other than its simply being farther to drive.)

The Math, Magic, and Mystery panel went far better than I expected it would, largely thanks to the preparations of K.G. Jewell and John Gibbons. I probably sounded like an idiot, because I had already reached the stage of ‘punchy’, where I talk a LOT, and not always on topic.

The Gothic Novels panel went extremely well, I think. Patrice Sarath moderated it, and also invited Jess Nevins to comment from the audience (since he’s literally writing the book on Victorian Novels). I’m a fan of Wilkie Collins and Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, so I could talk about those, but we went as far back as The Monk, and as far forward as Alien.  So we ranged all over the place and had a great time.

My reading was surprisingly well attended for being 9PM on a Friday night, so thanks to all who attended. I got several questions about the other novels I read from (and when I mentioned that to the con organizer, she said it was perfectly OK to read other peoples’ stuff.)

And I attended several readings: Kenneth Mark Hoover’s, Amanda Downum and Jessica Reisman’s, Martha Wells’, Patrice Sarath’s, and Emily McKay’s…all of which were great…

I got to talk to many people, and didn’t get to talk much to far too many others.  That’s always the way with cons. Always.











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