Mind Tricks and Airedales

Last week I admitted that I’ve broken off my two-month old relationship with Scrivener, mostly because I was struggling with it not being exactly like Word. Now that’s ALL in my head, and I know it.

One of the other issues I’m struggling with is working at home.  I just got back from a little over an hour at the bagel store, where I wrote over 1K words. Yep, 1K in 1 hour.  (Part of the time I was eating a bagel.)

Yet at home I often struggle to write.

This, like the Scrivener issue, is all in my head.

When I’m at home, I am distracted by two things:

  • Airedales–they are pushy pushy beasts, who do things like break blinds when they don’t get their way. And once they get going, they can bark for a good twenty minutes. And they are very loud.
  • Responsibility–the house and the yard are my responsibility, and my husband is quite understanding when things don’t get cleaned/weeded/cooked.  But I am often distracted while working by the mere knowledge that there are dishes in my sink, dirt on my counters, and dust on my tables. Not to mention the weeds that are taking over my yard since it’s so hot and buggy this time of year!

I’m one of those writers who needs an unbroken period of time in which to work, preferably an hour or more. At home I’m constantly worrying over the little things that need to be done and the possibility of the dogs going off.  So it’s hard for me to get that unbroken time.

Once again, I’m going to try moving my work back upstairs.  That’s harder than it sounds, since I have to come downstairs to let the dogs out.  But I’m trying to teach them that every time they go ballistic, they won’t be rewarded with being let out to attack whatever danger they perceive.  Harder said than done.

However, since we now have broken blinds in two spots (that happened over the weekend) I don’t have to worry as much about the dogs damaging those blinds…

(The above is pillow damage, not blind damage.)

Therefore, the task for the next month or so is to get my writing back under my control. I intend to take my time back from the dogs, and stop stressing over dirty counters.

Let’s hope that works!









3 thoughts on “Mind Tricks and Airedales

    1. You do, but if I wasn’t worriyng about dust, I would be worrying about something else….like those filthy baseboards.

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