Up at Terrible Minds today…

Today I’m a guest over at Chuck Wendig’s amazing blog, Terrible Minds, where I talk about what I learned while writing The Seat of Magic. (I mention in there, among other things, that I don’t read personal reviews any longer…a thing which really surprised me.)

Plus a reminder that there are several great authors up at SFSignal’s Mind Meld this week, where we talk about the pitfalls of re-reading old books.


2 thoughts on “Up at Terrible Minds today…

  1. I enjoyed your guest post on Chuck’s blog. But your first point … DON’T WRITE THE SECOND BOOK IN A SERIES FIRST … made me smirk. Wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what I did too! I wrote Book 2 first, then while I was editing I realized there was a whole lot that had to happen before. Now I’m in the midst of writing Book 1, planting all those little seeds of plot and bits of foreshadowing that will come to fruition not just in Book 2 but also in the rest of the series. I sure hope I don’t have to change too much when I get back to work on Book 2!

    1. I’ve been surprised recently by how many writers have told me they’ve done something similar (or writing several books in a series before selling–and then editing–the first one). We have to keep writing, which is why that happens, but its frustrating when we have to dump our work!

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