Chat tonight, and a meme…

I’ll be on Science Fiction Fantasy Writer’s Chat tonight, from 8-10PM Central Time. You can go to the page on Twitter, or simply follow the hashtag #sffwrtcht. We’ll be talking about writing and researching Historical Fantasy.

And I was tagged by my buddy T.L. Morganfield in a meme: the seven lines meme, where you go to page seven* of your WIP and post seven lines, so here they are, from Dreaming Death:
The actual point was that Dr. Bashaz didn’t like having a girl around with talents he couldn’t duplicate. He claimed that magic had no place in the hospital; that Shironne should enter the priesthood, sell religious charms, and leave normal people like him alone. His vexation at being forced to acknowledge that Shironne’s special skills might be useful was palpable enough to make her wonder if anyone else in the room felt it. Surely it showed on the man’s face.

I suppose you think she’ll back up your conclusion, Dr. Lucas,” Bashaz said in a cool tone.

Doctor? Shironne couldn’t locate the woman in the room, and now she knew why. The woman was a Lucas; she was a Family doctor, not a doctor attached to some patient’s family as she’d first assumed.

There you go. If you want, consider yourself tagged, but I’m not going to name names….

*Problem posed by using Scrivener–there’s no pagination within files. To find “page 7”, I had to do a print preview and then print the 7th page to know where to look.


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