After a week and a half, Alwyn is now out of Doggy Jail.

He developed an issue almost four weeks ago, holding his front driver side leg out at times and limping. We tried Rimadyl for a week, and when there was no improvement, took him to the vet to double check to be sure there wasn’t a bone injury. True to form, it was a ‘soft-tissue’ injury, which translates as a pulled tendon or ligament.

So the vet gave him a cortisone shot in the elbow and sentenced him to NO RUNNING for a ‘week or two’. Since Alwyn is a VERY active dog, this called for desperate measures.

We portioned off the side of the yard into a little dog run (AKA Prison) and until yesterday we only let him loose back in that portion. (His sister also, but she’s a couch potato, so she didn’t mind at all.)

The most difficult part was that he stopped limping immediately after the cortisone shot. It’s a bummmer to keep a dog caged when they show no visible sign of injury. Also, we learned that he’s a much calmer dog when on Rimadyl. When we started to cut back on the Rimadyl, the crazy started resurfacing. I now know why parents supposedly give their kids Nyquil to get them to sleep….

This morning he ran back out into his yard and was the happiest dog in town (until the neighbor dogs came out and started shouting at him.) He does need to relearn the back-yard rules…

So we’re out hundreds of dollars, but we’re happy that he seems to be healed up. ;o)


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