Corset Summary, a little late…

So here it is, 5 weeks post purchase…
One thing about corsets is that the fabric begins to ease around the bones, thus shaping better to the body. You can see in this photo that the heavy twill cover of this corset is rumpled. It’s broken in. (I also have an overbust, which is not nearly as worn as these two.)

The second on I’ve purchased is in a similarly broken in state now. It’s a waspie, which means it’s only about 8 inches top to bottom, which turns out to be a better fit for me. I’ve always been short from rib-to-hip, so much so that I’ve never worn thick belts. So the waspie fits me better, allowing more of a curve because it’s not so long on my ribs.

And what do I think overall?

To be honest, I won’t be wearing this every day all day long. In fact I’ve just gotten over a cold, and totally skipped wearing it while I was sick. I was just too weary to bother with it. Also, I didn’t wear it the first two days of my family reunion, days in which I ended up sitting far too much anyway.

However, I did note several things which will keep me wearing them regularly while I work.

1) I am far more aware whether I’m sitting up straight, even when I’m not wearing it. The general act of wearing it is a persistent reminder not to slump. That’s been helpful.
2) I find my posture generally improved, especially when walking.
3) I appear to have lost an inch off my waist, although I haven’t been trying to do that.
4) The curbing of my appetite seems to be restricted to regular wearing. So I may or may not employ the thing as a reminder not to overeat.

On the whole, I’ll call the experiment a success.

One thought on “Corset Summary, a little late…

  1. Your comments are very interesting! Thank you. The corset fetishists on the web would have us believe that the corset means wasp waist, pain, and generally sheer hell.

    You you have found out is exactly what most Victorian (and 18 cent) women knew already. That is ….. a corset can be comfortable, and “not tight” lacing adds good posture and a trim waist.


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