Corset, 3 weeks in…

So I’ve been wearing a corset for three weeks. It’s quite comfortable now, although since last week was a heavy gardening week and this week is a heavy housework week, I haven’t (won’t) be wearing it a full 12 hours per day. And since I have to drive long distance on Friday, I won’t be wearing it then…

But it has done wonders for my posture. I’ve discovered (or re-learned) that my slumping problem occurs in the middle back, not the lower back. If anything, my lower back tends to sway in the other direction. That means that the corset does NOT cure my slumping. However, what it does do is remind me not to slump. When I start to slump, I feel the bones of the corset shift against me, and I sit up straight again.

So for that, it’s been really helpful.

In addition, my appetite has actually been less, although I don’t think I’ve lost weight since that first dramatic drop. (I haven’t weighed in two weeks, so I don’t know.)

As an interesting aside, I ran across this blog post today, wherein the blogger describes trying to sleep while wearing her corset. I’m not sold on the idea, especially since I’m a flailing sleeper. I think I put my desire to sleep ahead of any advantage that could be gained by that.*

Anyhow, I’m almost at the end of my four weeks, but I will be continuing to use the corset while working. (In fact, I’ve purchased another.) It does seem to do what I want it to do.

*I am not in this for waist-training. I have plenty of waist to train, but I prefer not to tight-lace.


4 thoughts on “Corset, 3 weeks in…

  1. J. Kathleen! I’ve been wearing a corset for a year (after a back surgery healed) and I love corsets. My husband loves them too. I did do the waist training, and now I suppose I’m a “tight-lacer” . . . I went from a 32″ to a 22″ waist! I also lose a few pounds. So, at 38-22-38, and 66 years old, I feel like a girl again.

    I believe that corsets, in this present culture, are a healthy sign of individuality and self-rexpression—I notice a LOT of young people wearing them outside of their clothing (I live in Seattle) and it looks very cool. I think they call it “steam-punk” style.

    It’s good to see self-expression in a sexually-repressed society. It gives me hope!

    I am new to your work. I’ve read a bit of it on-line and enjoy your style. Where should I start? I love hard science fiction. DUNE was my favorite book. Books, actually . . . all six of them!

    The blog is great!
    May Love follow you

    1. Hi Jessica ;o)

      I’m impressed by the transformation! I’m not tight-lacing primarily due to issues with my reproductive system, and for that reason, I’ll probably never go with a long-line either. But I do hope that between the corset and some weight loss, I’ll be able to reduce my waist slowly.

      I do know a lot of women who wear them, although not on a daily basis, which is a different thing from wearing one occasionally. (It’s very common to see them at conventions.)

      As far as my writing goes, I don’t tackle hard SF. Most recently I’ve been producing historical fantasy. But if you follow the links on my short fiction page, you can find most of my work short work free on-line. If you’re a reader of SF, the best bet is “Fleurs du Mal”, which, while set in 1926, is only partially fantasy.

      Thanks for stopping here ;o) I’ll keep updating on the corset thing from time to time…and since the new corset is a printed pattern, I’ll probably be wearing it outside my clothes!

  2. Hi Kathleen

    Congratulations on your corst wearing. Have you said “why’ you are doing it? Please do tell us.

    I think that you are finding out what every 18 and 19 century woman knew – a well fitting corset (or stays) are really comfortable if not laced very tightly. For these women a trim waist line, well supported breasts and good posture was a social necessity. It’s sad that so much of the internet is devoted to fetish/ BDSM aspect of tight lacing. Certainly women in the 19 may well have tightlaced for the special occasions, but not everyday. Even today we see people dressed for important events which are not comfortable or practical.

    You have been wearing a corst for 3 weeks? (is that right?) If you had worn a corset from your teenage years you would be more comfortable in a corset then without. Many of us feel like that about our bras today.


    1. I actually started wearing this out of concern for my posture. (I started with a lumbar support, but quickly noted that it would bunch up in front if I bent over, so switched to a corset.) I’ve been wearing one for four weeks now..and it truly has helped my posture. Although it doesn’t force me to sit up straight, it does -remind- me to do so the moment I start slumping!

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